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and even though it's hard to see the glass is full and not half empty; a thousand beautiful things..

Posted on 2006.30.01 at 16:25
How I feel about it all: relaxedrelaxed
Soundtrack: Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things
And don't you remember, Seanie, and how it was...the road led up past the chapel and it wound and it wound. And there was the field where Dan Tobin's bullock chased you. It was a lovely little house, Seaneen. And the roses! Well, your father used to tease me about them. But he was that proud of them too.

Seanie Astin shows his quality yet again. And his loyalty.

And I'm really glad a site like this exists.

Oh, Seanie, how I do love ye. *adores*

Thanks, rakshi for the link. The quote's for you, and for me mum. :)

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