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chi mi na feidh air lar nan coireachan falaicht' an trusgan de cheo

I just got this postcard in the mail. It's addressed to "TV Household". The bold font is theirs:

"It is my pleasure to tell you that your household has been chosen from all the households in your area to participate in a Nielsen TV ratings study.

In a few weeks, an interviewer from Nielsen Media Research will contact your household by telephone to conduct this important study. Please be sure to let everyone in your household know that we will be calling. The interview will take approximately 5 minutes.

Your participation is strictly voluntary and all of your answers will remain convidential. Please be assured that we are not attempting to sell anything to you. Our only purpose is to learn about TV usage in your area.

We will telephone you soon. Thank you."


Oh, they're gonna love MY household. The last time I turned on the telly was in October (for the last game of the American League East playoffs). I'm not even quite sure where the thing IS at the moment.

In other news, I've finished Cell. Now to go back to The Protector's War, which is quite good so far, although I also want to read Sinn Fein: A Hundred Turbulent Years, which has been calling me in a quite loud brogue for weeks. It's more than about time to read me some nonfiction.

*sigh* So many books, so little time. And then there's the knitting and the sewing and the writing I want to do. Nielsen, Shmielsen. Pish.

Oh, and. Although I'm glad flags are at half-staff in Georgia to honour the memory of Mrs. King (because she was a great woman and she belonged to them [and Alabama, too, of course!]), I really wish RI had done it, too. The whole nation, for that matter.

patchfire and I have this fantasy of a great rock-and-roll band in Heaven, with Jesus and Kurt and Lennon and more (I can never remember which instruments they play, except I think Jesus is on the drums). I like to think that three of our greatest heroes are having a celebratory homecoming supper together. If what we believe becomes Truth for us, then it's a very good chance they're doing just that. *raises glass*

In still other news, I just (unexpectedly) got the day off tomorrow. Which means only ONE more day of six a.m. waking before I start my new (part time) evening shift. Wheee!
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