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So don't stop me now, don't stop me, 'cause I'm having a good time, having a good time

Well, it seems when I posted this, I neglected to provide an actual link to the programme on circumcision (which is pretty centrist, when you get past the baloney, and has a lot of History). You can find it in the post, and also here.

Also, OMG. When I posted my Car Saga Massacre (with Five Part Harmony and all the Phenomena) I forgot to mention one of the most important parts!

After the Ordeal with the cop and AAA and towing and all, my intelligent, lovely, sweet, caring daughter i_am_a_hannah came and picked me up at the garage after I called her and told her my sad tale. It was pouring rain, and she helped me schlep my stuff out of my dead car and into hers (Go ahead, covet the car. I do!). Her friend Lauriye was there, too (alas, I have no link for her. Perhaps i_am_a_hannah can locate one sometime).

I am sorely amiss in not making this a part of the post (although, did anyone actually READ the post? I wish LJ would get a hit counter or something). i_am_a_hannah rocks exponentially.

Also I want to make a new LJ layout, as I don't like the way this one is done, especially font-colourwise. Any good non-LJ links for a tutorial? I'm hopeless at this kind of thing. So something like "Layouts for Dummies" would be great.

Oh, and last but not least, GIP! It's made from a photograph by Harriete Hartigan, whose work I've known and loves since Mary was a baby (read: early 80s). You can look at more of her photographs here. Maginificent, moving photographs. I hope I did the credit thing right on the upload of the icon, so she can get the credit, because the work is SO not mine. Everyone go look at her pictures, especially you crunchy moms on my flist.
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