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A fish, a flash, a silvery glow

Okay. On the heels of robinhoo and songdog, who are way ahead of me, I give you my latest

1. So he takes a ladder, steals the stars from the sky, puts on Sinatra and starts to cry

2. Half time goes by, suddenly you’re wise, another blink of an eye, sixty-seven is gone

3. Thrown like a star in my vast sleep, I opened my eyes to take a peep

4. I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen 'em die, and long ago I stopped asking why

5. Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate

6. Some people say I've done all right for a girl

7. So if you go out, hope you don't want me to; I've got a rendezvous with a stack of 45s

8. And I swear tonight I'm gonna find that place, it's not the love that dies, but the understanding ways

9. Cryin' in the night; the night goes into morning, just another day

10. Some fools fool themselves, I guess; they're not fooling me

11. Fly away to a desert island; we're living in a tree, and we're flying in the breeze

12. In four short years I've gone from rags to riches, and what I did before that I don't know

13. It took a starry night to steal my breath away; down on the waterfront, her hair all drenched in spray

14. You never thought you'd be alone this far down the line, and I know what's been on your mind

15. So we sit at the table long after supper and a good wine

16. Just do your best, do everything you can, and don't you worry what their bitter hearts are gonna say

17. She could poke at the greed, she could fend off her need, and with anger she found she could pound every word.</a>

18. It's a long long road, it's a big big world, we are wise wise women, we are giggling girls

19. She anoints my head with oil and my cup overflows

20. She'll come a romping, come a roaring, gonna make everybody feel all right

21. I would sell your sweet, sweet soul just to touch your crazy black-gold hair

22. The wind whips up the waves so loud; the ghost moon sails among the crowd

23. No one ever has to know who the hero took for lover

24. We're mothers of courage and fathers of time; we're daughters of dust, and sons of great visions

25. Two years ago the seed was planted, and since then you have taken me for granted

26. You were the raven of October; I knew the sign you flew around

27. Christopher discovered you're way ahead of your time

28. I laid his broken body down below the Southern land; it wouldn't do to bury him where any Yankee stands

29. We'll both forget the breeze most of the time

30. It's quite a sunset, and good for the country in a roundabout way

31. Cats and babies 'round her feet, and all are fat and none are thin

32. Try to put it all behind me but my redneck past is nipping at my heels

33. I sailed away a country mile, and now I'm returnin' and showin' off my smile

34. What’s that you say, your father’s spirit still lives in this place? Well, I will silence you.

35. No spinal cord, they must get bored

36. Here's to the girls of the countryside, the ones we drink 'em to

37. Give the oil companies the finger finally, and learn how to rock and roll

38. But life is both a major and minor key, just open up the chord

39. He said hello and put me on hold; to say the least the cat was cold

40. I look to you and I see nothing, I look to you to see the truth

41. "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department"

42. Gliddy glup gloopy, nibby nabby noopy la la la lo lo

43. To think it started with Rosa refusing to give up her seat

44. Sus padres, sus padres me trataron matar, but they did not get too far

45. He grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face, and always urged his men on

46. His earthly race is over and the curtains 'round him fall

47. I need a drink, don't wanna think; I drink too much, but who's to say what's right or wrong

48. Some came to sing, some came to pray, some came to keep the dark away

49. Open another big box of cheap wine; we’re over 30 we’re doin' just fine

50. Well, now, I'm stuck in committee and I'll sit here and wait while a few key Congressmen discuss and debate

51. From Mother's love is the son estranged;married his own, his precious gain

52. Well there is magic all around you, if I do say so myself

55. No moo-cow, no billy-goat is gonna get the baby's vote

56. The ground's a long way down but I need more; is the nightmare black or are the windows painted?

57. Swiss time was running out; it seemed that we would lose the race

58. What about the time we met? Well, I suppose that you could say that we were playing hard to get.

59. And in our winter city the rain cries a little pity for one more forgotten hero and a world that doesn't care

60. If you can use some exotic booze, there's a bar in far Bombay

61. You, sir, are a jack ass. Why don't you get your clams and whammys and get the hell outta here

62. You were so revered; I made offerings of anything and everything I had

63. If memories were all I played, I'd rather drive a truck

64. Now the calendar's just one page and of course, I am excited

65. Who will go down to those shady groves and summon the shadows there

66. So they married up in Abilene, lost a child in Tennessee, but still that love survived

67. for every truth there are half a million lies

68. Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustrations, but we know all her suicides are fake

69. you're the boy with all the leather hips, sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips

70. Just hearing your romantic schemes can set to thundering; I long to see your bright and smiling eyes

71. She would be ready but she’s always make them wait in the hallway, in anticipation

72. He used to own an old dobro, used to play across his knee; I'd give old Curt my money he'd play all day for me

73. But maybe these dreams are leading me, maybe love is not as gentle as my memory

74. In your office, preferrably during business hours, 'cause you know how I like it when there's people around

75. What's it like to be a skateboard punk-rocker?

76. Watchin' X-Files with no lights on; we're dans la maison

77. They say the riders approach to the threshold, they say the fire is hard and clean

78. I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind, mind, if I don't have a mind

79. Beneath these branches I once wrote such childish words for you

80. The emptiness will fill your soul with sorrow, 'cause it's not what you make it's what you leave

81. I can see it in your eyes that you despise the same old lies you heard the night before

82. From where I stand, it looks mighty strange how you let a woman like that treat you like small change

83. You've never learned to read or write, there's no books upon your shelf

83. Morning comes and morning goes with no regret, and evening brings the memories I can't forget

84. I saw myself in the mirror in profile for the first time

85. Standing in the dark where your eyes couldn’t see me

86. As the fire glows we will warm our souls, watchin' rainbows in the coals

87. A little hope goes up in smoke, but how it goes, goes without saying

88. And how about some common sense so they won't be blocking traffic in the Spring?

89. I am your profits and your prophets; I am your art, I am your bytes

90. It came without a warning, but I’ll be waiting for you baby, I’ll be waiting for you there

91. Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn

92. I won't worry, and I won't fret, ain't no law against it yet

93. Hold me darling, come on listen to me, I won't do you no harm

94. Came the last night of sadness and it was clear she couldn't go on

95. Just to hit the ball and touch ’em all - a moment in the sun

96. She comes out of the sun in a silk dress, running like a watercolour in the rain

97. It seems strange that she should be offended; the same orders are given by her

98. If bloom and shoot is what they meant, I'd say the South just rose again

99. You know it's just another hit and run from the Tin Pan Alley twins

100.He's got this mom who comes on Wednesdays, in the evening with soup so steaming

101.When you stand at the State House, smile and say "please"

102.Ain't that close to love? Well, ain't that poster love?

103.But dreams don't last, though dreams are not forgotten.

104.At the age of thirty-seven she realised she'd never ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair

105.And in your belly you hold the treasures few have ever seen

Guess away, guys. Winner gets to choose five songs from the list, and I'll send them to her/him. I'd offer to write something, but I haven't been able to find the time/energy to write stuff for ME, and I really want to, woe.

In other news, it's FREAKING FRIGID around here. And? My heat is not coming on. It comes on when it's fifty-five, oh, yes, but when it's THIRTEEN? Apparently not. Have called. Have heaters. But my feet are cold. *sigh*

In still other news, I'm going to enroll in ALACE's Childbirth Educator Training Course. Am v. excited. :)

Also, bleh. I have a cold sore. It's an active infection, the skin isn't broken. Should I go to work? I'm going to call my supervisor for advice but eep. I don't want to spread this to people who are already compromised (I'm on the detox unit...we have people with Hep C and HIV and other nasty viruses). I also don't have a heckofalot of sick time.
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