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I wanna be mean and blond, wanna mumble perfect jumbo with a little innuendo

Apparently a kit is necessary for toilet training.


Oh, and. You can find my current music here (just click on the word "song" to listen or DL file). OMG Bernie sings!! Excuse me while I prostrate myself in utter worship.

If anyone can turn this into an mp3 for me, I'd oh, so appreciate it. I'll even write a drabble in some fandom if I know it. Or no fandom. I've been wanting an impetus to write recently.

Lyrics are here.

Is it scary of me to want to filk this song and call it "I Wanna be Like Draco Malfoy?". Um.

Okay, then. Off to the DMV. ETA: Not going to the DMV after all, because once again I don't have the proper paperwork. I can never win with those guys. :/
Tags: bernit taupin, draco, fandom, filk
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