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No snowman abominable made itself presentabable, so we set up mobile kitchen and we ate our omeletti

There's an interview with Cindy Sheehan in the March issue of The Progressive. It's an interesting read. I even used a quote from it to add to my userinfo page.

Also, bleh. My Firefox AND my AIM randomly stopped working. Is it a coincidence that my Norton Trial expired just yesterday? And IE basically sucks.

Y!M is working, so try me there if you can't find me elsewhere. I'll be at work until midnight, anyway. And I'm going to TRY to get to bed at a reasonable hour (before 2 a.m. would be nice).

Oh, and here's a song for y'all:

The Flash Girls - Yeti

Written by seventeen-year-old Neil Gaiman, no less.

Okay, really off to the DMV this time. With (hopefully) all the right paperwork. And then off to work. I'll try to contain my joy at all the fun the day shall bring.
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