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Big Project to start today. I am going to overhaul my bedroom. Believe me, it needs it. Cleaning, paint or (OMG I just thought of this) wallpaper.

Be that as it may, I need some help with something entirely different.

For you Dark Tower fans, who would you cast as Eddie? Could be anyone, past or present, as long as they have photos online. I need a PB icon for the_blank_slate, and I can't find anyone who's just right.

For you not!fans, I'm looking for a twentysomething man, brown hair, preferably hazel eyes slender but fit. He needs to look like the guy next door. Medium-length hair a plus, because this is a guy who can't always get to a barber even if he wanted to. Nothing androgynous--Eddie is masculine without being macho.

Here's an illo with Eddie from Book VII: Minor Spoilers for Book VII

Eddie is the guy in the blue shirt. Geh. I love this picture soverymuch.

Anyway, that's Eddie. Suggestions? I've been considering Nicholas Lea, if I can find some younger pictures of him. I still haven't ruled him out, even though his hair's a bit short for what I had in mind. I've always said he'd have been perfect to cast as Eddie in a DT Movie.

Also, GIP!!
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