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Hi! How Are You Today?

Going back to cleaning in a minute, but I had to share these pictures mr_t00by sent me today, all the way from Germany (must have taken AIM an extra half-second or two to get here, woah!).

I'll try not to be too, "And this is Uncle Ned in front of the house. This is Uncle Ned on the side of the house, but you can still see the front of the house."

This is where the Berlin Wall used to stand. I think it's the coolest picture of them all:

Two from a butterfly garden of some sort (I forget what he said it was):

Outside the Waldorf School the class stayed at in Berlin. The shirt says "Vorsicht! Ich kann Eurythmie!", which means "Watch out, I know Eurythmy!" Waldorf people will get it, don't worry. *g*:

Rock On:

Skiing The Alps in Austria. Gorgeous view. Dontcha just want to sing "The hills are alive with the sound of muuuusiiic"?:

Part of the Berlin Wall:

The sign for the U-Bahn station at Checkpoint Charlie:

That is all. Sorry for the attack on your servers.

I'm all wibbly now, because, wah, mr_t00by has been gone for 69 days (so he tells me) and says he's now at the halfway point. So over two months! of my family, I need more pictures from you, too! I have two of Caleb (one with his lovely fiancee tapped_trish), maybe two or three each of i_am_a_hannah and her sister Mary. Oh, and one of me Mum. songdog, I don't think I have any of you, and only a couple of a couple of your kids. Do send, guys!

Also, *le sigh*. I love this 2003 interview with Ashley MacIsaac. Not just because his fiddle is brilliant (that it is), but all his family and friends and acquaintances are calling up the show saying, "Ashley, I know you. I'm so-and-so's cousin, you remember him?" And Ashley says something like, "Oh, yes, I do, and do you remember when his brother used to come up and visit". All the friends and relatives calling up, and everyone with my favourite accent in the universe. I have to make definite plans to go back to Cape Breton, and start doing it soon. Of course it would have to be for Celtic Colours, because how could it not be? And since I've been to Cape Breton twice, both times in Winter(!), I should at least go in another season. :) Oh, and one woman who now lives in Massachusetts said "I've been up here since (whatever year she said, I forget)". I knew someone from New Waterford (who sadly, is no longer with us) who used to ask me, "So, when are you coming down to visit again"? Such a wonderful, loving, lovely place. I would live there were it not for the cold winters.

Oh, and mr_t00by? I LOVE the hair. I don't think I've liked your hairstyle so much since you were ten. Very nice.

Okay, now. Back to Teh Cleaning. *wibbles off*
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