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nibbles woodaway

seinn an duan seo dhan innis àigh, an innis uaine as gile tràigh

Posted on 2006.06.03 at 13:44
How I feel about it all: busygoin' to work
Soundtrack: Rankin Family (with the Chieftains) - An Innis Àigh
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Going to work soon, but um.

Is there anyone in fandom (or not!fandom, for that matter), especially in New England, who knows how to play Tarabish? I haven't played in years, I suck at it and still need to use the bloody cheat sheet with all the values on it. I'm certainly not good enough to teach anyone, since I'd have to learn to play all over again.

I'd love to play again, maybe get involved in a group or something. I'm v. sick of the whole work, be bored, work, be bored cycle I seem to be in. So why not play an obscure yet fun Maritime card game? w00t!


The Moonlight Sonata
moonlight69 at 2006-03-06 20:38 (UTC) ()
Never heard of it.

I want your opinion on a Roland PB, though. :) Any ideas? (Apparently Clint isn't a good choice, according to Kara and Kate. Hmph.)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-06 23:07 (UTC) ()
I think Clint is perfect, in theory, but the PB is probably Overdone. Not Viggo, either, because he's too recognisable. I'll be around online after midnight tonight. Will you be there? We can Discuss. Also I need to know when Cuthbert is arriving. :)
The Moonlight Sonata
moonlight69 at 2006-03-06 23:08 (UTC) ()
I will be, yes! I have a few ideas I would like to bounce off of you, too. (I do NOT want him to be pretty, though. He is NOT pretty. Ka has been too hard to him for that. ;) ) And I believe he's arriving this week, but I will keep you updated. And give you some AIM SNs for the other muns. :)
my life's so common it disappears
songdog at 2006-03-07 04:00 (UTC) ()
I loved playing Tarabish the twice or so I played it! I especially love the nonverbal communication between team members...
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-07 05:47 (UTC) ()
There have got to be people who know how to play it around. :/
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