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DT: come reap

A small quiz and much late-night t00biness regarding various children

Posted on 2006.22.03 at 01:34
How I feel about it all: gratefulgrateful
Soundtrack: Teh Mac making its Mac noise, whee!
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What fictional character uttered this cool quote:

Believe me: if you are told that some experience is going to hurt, it will hurt. Most pain is in the mind, and when a woman absorbs the idea that the act of giving birth is excruciatingly painful--when she gets this information from her mother, her sisters, her married friends, and her physician--that woman has been mentally prepared to feel great agony.

Who wrote the story in question?

What is the very cool thing about the author that I just learned?

Who is the OTHER author that led me to this cool thing, and this cool quote?

Am I the biggest nerd you've ever met?

Also, is there anyone on any mommy community that focusses on teens that actually get along with their child(ren)? Am I the only one whose kids didn't hate them growing up and STILL DON'T? Almost every LJ community I've looked at that deals with teen parenting, the majority of the posts are "rant, rant, rant, my kid hates me, I hope he/I/both of us can survive 'till he's 21 ZOMG!" I mean, I've had my share of battles with my kids, but really, we've never reached the point where we weren't speaking, even when they were in the heart of the TeenageRebellion!Angst (which we had darned little of, thank the gods). Even now, mr_t00by and I get along very well (and not just because he's thousands of miles away. *g*). Am I just an odd person with odd kids, or what? And today, I've run into a couple of RL people who basically are of the opinion that most parents of teenagers can't wait to send them out of the house so they can have their lives back. This is a foreign concept to me. My kids are welcome to come and live with me (in a bigger house, hopefully) until I'm old and grey and in a rest home (or an in-law apartment, w00t!). Am I obsessed with my kids (I don't think so--they all have very full separate lives from me), am I lonely (sometimes, but I keep myself busy), or am I just fortunate enough to count my one teenage and three adult children among my friends? And is that a bad thing? I don't think so. Not for a second.

Having said that, I know there's circumstances between parents and kids that make the anger and resentment come and set up housekeeping. I guess after everything is said and done, I'm just a lucky mama. And I'd do it again in a New York nanosecond.

In ALACE news, I'm making progress on Module One.

In wherethehellaminow news, I'm still at patchfire's house, in the not-so-warm-yet Georgia, which is also the home of quite possibly the coolest, sweetest, brightest little boy to come down the pike since my own lovely boys were ickle (not to mention his equally ubercool big sister).

*sigh* I'm also a lucky goddessmother.

Life is good, but I'm gonna be sorry I stayed up so late when it's 7:30 a.m. and Gillian wakes me up with tomorrow's narrative.

Also (don't worry, I'll stop soon), mr_t00by posted a Shiny, Happy first-day-of-spring post.. I picture him skipping. :)

Now I'm going to bed. Kara and Jess and all, Eddie and I will almost surely be around tomorrow evening for RPage, if you're interested, unless of course Georgia falls off of the map or loses electricity or sommat.

ETA: I actually have TWO teenage kids, because i_am_a_hannah is going to be 19 next month, but since she's also an adult, I included her in that category. *loves*


loveneverfails at 2006-03-22 07:10 (UTC) ()
I can't STAND the whole "all teenagers and parents hate eachother" thing. Drives me up the wall.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 07:16 (UTC) ()
I've honestly never experienced it. I should make a comm called mykidslikeme. I'm not denying that there are kids and moms with real relationship issues, but it seems to be rampant in LJ comms (I'm not talking about anyone on my flist, or any individual, btw. Just a sense of epidemic in the comms).
The Moonlight Sonata
moonlight69 at 2006-03-22 07:52 (UTC) ()

Am only on page 63 of book 7 though, so I can't even read your entrance post yet! But others will play with you. ;) And remember your spoiler warnings, say thankya.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 14:50 (UTC) ()
How do you do the spoiler warnings? LJ cut?
inmemoriam at 2006-03-22 11:35 (UTC) ()
i don't know who wrote that but i like it! women are strong enough to bear children, more often than not. if more of them knew it themselves, we could revolutionize the epidural process and administer it to every passing doctor in the maternity ward while women calmly delivered their babies in peace.

what is your parenting strategy? be tough when you need to be and always be loving, but remember the "tough" part?

try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 14:49 (UTC) ()
if more of them knew it themselves, we could revolutionize the epidural process and administer it to every passing doctor in the maternity ward while women calmly delivered their babies in peace.

I like this. It has Potential. *starts campaign*

Not to mention that if most women knew why mothers are made to lie down during labour (because Louis XIV wanted to see his mistress giving birth from behind a curtain, among other inane reasons) when upright and walking is statistically better, constant fetal monitoring (which even the inventor of the monitor says has no place in normal birth), IV drips, pitocin (to speed up a "slow" labour that isn't conforming to the hospital's Rules), and a thousand other things AND if they knew that planned homebirths have similar or better outcomes than hospital births, they'd think twice and then some about even going to the hospital in the first place. [/rant]
The Foo Queen
erebor at 2006-03-22 12:05 (UTC) ()
I didn't hate my parents either when I was growing up. I was just fine living at home, they gave me space as I got older, everyone acted with respect.

The emphasis on conflict between parents and teens annoys much as the "battle of the sexes" (sic) crap, which I consider to be largely the product of people talking about differences SO much that they are ignoring the common areas and mainly creating expectations of problems. Which then arise, of course.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 15:07 (UTC) ()
The battle of the sexes, mneh. I consider myself a feminist, and whee, I still like men. Go figure. ;)
Ten O'Clock Medievalist
tarimanveri at 2006-03-22 12:58 (UTC) ()
Well, I can safely say that although the four of us have been passing through our teenage years since 1997 when I turned 13 and will continue to do so until 2010 when my little sister turns 20, none of us have ever hated our parents (beyond occasional grumbling) and vice versa. Some of my best family memories are from my teenage years - two car trips across Canada involving days of driving trapped in one vehicle, for instance, in which no one died or came to blows. And my parents have always assured me that home will always be there for me. They also think people who aren't friends with their kids aren't raising kids for the right reasons.

So a lengthy way of saying that you're not the only one...
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 15:05 (UTC) ()
:) I joined a couple of comms anyway, because there aren't a lot of resources for teens out there, unless they're "troubled".
One damn minute, Admiral.
trempnvt at 2006-03-22 13:11 (UTC) ()
Eh. My mom gets along well with all of us. (Not that I'm a teen anymore, but even when I was.)

On the other hand, it was crazy how the school bus when I was in high school was completely full of girls (moreso than guys) complaining about their awful relationships with their parents.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 15:20 (UTC) ()
I probably did my share of complaining. My kids probably did, too, but I don't think they ever said they hated me (to me or anyone else).

I wonder why it was the girls more than the guys?
(Deleted comment)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 15:25 (UTC) ()
I have one sister. I can't imagine having FIVE. Not that songdog doesn't rock, or anything. :D
sistermagpie at 2006-03-22 15:02 (UTC) ()
I can remember going through a phase where everything anyone did annoyed me (with my mother getting a lot of that) but I never hated her. I guess one could say that I was frequently in bad moods at times but yeah, I don't get the hating the parents thing. I really have no idea how my mother would describe me at that time. Maybe I remember being snotty when I was snotty because I'm so aware of my own ridiculousness and she just brushed it off.

But yeah, I can honestly say I never hated my parents and I don't think they wanted me out of the house the way that's being described. They wanted me out of the house in terms of wanting me to have a life and all those normal things, but I don't think it was a case of not being able to stand living with me.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-03-22 15:15 (UTC) ()
I never hated my parents, either (and I had THREE of them, including my stepdad, who I consider to be my second father). They annoyed me to no end at times ,but that's just the generation gap or whatever. My mother was a chronic worrier. She wouldn't let me leave the yard until I was eleven, not because she thought I'd go shoot heroin, but because she thought I'd get run over by a car. It was her issue, but eh. I knew she loved me, even while I was fuming.
on_a_hill at 2006-03-22 15:35 (UTC) ()
1) Ok when do we get the answers to the quiz! 2) I think that our society is deeply and profoundly dysfunctional to the point where when we seen functional people and relationships, it seems odd and out of place. That's my take on you........I fully believe I can have the relationship w/ my children that you have w/ yours, however I've always been considered the weird hippy. :)
on_a_hill at 2006-03-22 15:39 (UTC) ()
3) and not to be argumentative.......however I don't really buy into the thing that birth can be painless for EVERYONE. I think it's just one of those things that is just different for everyone. Pain is the best word I can use to describe my labors but that's not even the right word really. But they were VERY MUCH so whateverthewordis. I just take it as my body is VERY efficient, my labors have been very short and my body pretty much pushed my children out without any real effort on my part. I don't know that it's possible for *me* to have a pain free labor, but I am sort of ok with that if it means they will all be less than 4 hours. :)
rudenate3 at 2006-04-09 18:06 (UTC) ()
You have the strangest kids I've ever met, but that's what makes them awesome.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-04-10 02:14 (UTC) ()
They have the strangest mom they've ever met. :)
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