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So I've become embroiled in a discussion thread over at abortiondebate. I didn't think the subject of the discussion really has anything to do with abortion, rather, it's about pregnancy and its perceived dangers. When I read it I felt I couldn't NOT respond, because I figure if I want to be a birth advocate and activist, it was almost an obligation to respond. That, and I actually do know a couple of things about the subject, although there are lots of people who put me to shame with their knowledge and experience.

Anyway, it seems that by at least one commenter, I've been branded someone who's forcing pregnancy and birth on women who don't want it. I don't see anything in my comments that even imply this.

Here's the thread. Whaddya think, flist? *shrugs*

Also, the sky didn't fall in Georgia last night, but patchfire needed to use the computer to figure out where to go to get on the subway (yes! Atlanta has one!) for our trip to the State House for Homebirth Day. And yay! The House passed the resolution uncontested, and within a year there should be a study to assess the safety of homebirth in GA. Now if we could only get something like this in RI...

Anyway, I should be around from 9 to 11, give or take-ish, for Eddie to make his debut. Blank slate people, is there anything special I need to know other than to use the tag and a spoiler cut?

And oh. mr_t00by, your mommy loves you. *hugs* Call me when you can?
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