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this is not the last you'll see of me

Hey, kids, it's Emo!Roland!

Now is Now - Other Worlds

I had the mp3 on my old PC. I'd forgotten about it, but it all came back in a flash this morning. Of course I had to have it Instantly, so I started obsessively searching for it online, et voila!

The whole CD is for sale here. It has all kinds of story-inspired stuff. I think I shall buy it when I actually have a bank account again. I like it, despite the fact that, okay, upbeat-catchy-rhyming pop isn't exactly ideal for the scene being referenced, but I think emo just works like that. The heart's there, anyway, and the guy can sing.

The band is from (where else?) Maine. ;)

And you know? It's really sad when I can't use the line of lyrics I want to for the subject because it's a spoiler. Sad and pathetic. *facepalm*

Oh, and mr_t00by, among others, might be interested in this:

Die Stephen Fanpage.
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