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I'm really almost ready to go to bed, but since I'm feeling sort of blah, partly because I hate moving and I have to work tomorrow and I have a zillion things to do, and partly because I'm halfway to ninety another year older, I figured I'd do something to cheer myself up before bed.

So I watched this:

Psalm and Zoya: The Unassisted Homebirth of Our Twins

I've seen quite a few birth videos, but I've never seen one as incredible as this one. Most birth vids are overdubbed with music and a narrator, which can be good in that music helps create atmosphere and narration provide info and encouragement to expectant parents who watch them. There's no soundtrack in the film of Psalm and Zoya's Gorchenko's birth, and the only narration comes from the parents (with spontaneous punctuation from their toddler, Wolfgang). I didn't miss the music at all. I was completely entranced by the peaceful, steady way these babies were born. Mom's pushes didn't look like the stuff you see on TV (and in all the hospital births I've witnessed). There was nobody yelling "push, push!" There was nobody holding her legs, because she wasn't lying down. There were no loud noises at all, just the low, earthy sounds of birth. Mom let her uterus and gravity do the work, and the babies came sliding into the world, even the second one, an eight-pound, eleven ounce footling breech (photo is of a different birth--there wasn't a clear picture of Zoya's birth on their website). Definitely the best birth video I've ever, ever seen. I'll be using it in my classes, eventually.

I think the best thing about this video is that this was a full-term birth and the babies weights were very good. patchfire's seen the video; she thinks that full-term twin pregnancies would be the rule, not the exception, if birth practitioners placed more emphasis on education about nutrition and self-care and not just have moms assume that they'll go early. I agree. I haven't seen any studies on it, but it makes sense.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. It's so late that it's early and I'm still feeling blah physically. But yeah, I recommend this video to anyone who's pregnant, or wants to be, or is involved with birth at all. It's realistic, and it's enchanting and captivating BECAUSE it's realistic.
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