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Moving is hell.


I may not have internet at home until Monday because of a lot of stuff that is basically all moving blues. I'm almost, almost moved in. I still have a couple of things to bring up from the old house, and the old landlord is breathing down my neck to show the apartment, and I haven't moved the cats and it still needs to be cleaned. I feel like I'm over my head, but the water's receding a little, since the furniture has been moved (to the tune of a hundred bucks and change for the truck).

croosa and i_am_a_hannah have helped a lot. mr_t00by's in school until Monday, Mary's been working, and I've been sick. Did I mention I hate moving?

Oh, and why is it that I always discover good television when the show's been off the air for years? And why are said shows usually not American (Okay, Babylon 5, but that's different. And The X-Files was only kindasorta American until they moved shooting to LA)? Has something to do with not watching TV, I suppose. But yes, yes. Due South is officially in my top ten. Like twelve years too late. I shall now go throw flowers at the feet of moonlight69 for talking me into pushing this lovely thing to the top of my "must watch" list. *loves*

Now I'll go finish my break, so I shall. *waves*
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