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Okay, so I had a veryverystrange dream last night. (No, not THAT kind of dream. I don't seem to have those, much. Really, it was Weirdy McWeird. It was so disjointed I couldn't possibly describe it in anything resembling linear fashion.

Pretty much all that I can tell you is that it involved recreating some scripted thing which may or may not have been a fantasy movie (again, not THAT kind of fantasy. *sigh* Zathras can never ever have anything nice. But that's okay. Zathras has come to expect it.) which was also something real at the same time (at least according to the dream), part of which meant that I had to keep these two guys (don't ask me who they were) awake so they wouldn't die. Because, you see, one of them HAD died in some earlier version of this real/not real scenario, and apparently my job was making sure it didn't happen again. I think one of them actually had stripey pyjamas.

The dream even had guest stars! They were:

Jake Chambers William Moseley, who was being all nineteen and pretty and just-past-jailbait as he is wont to do, except he was the male version of a mermaid and lived in a fish tank. Oh, and had pretty tattoos.

Stella Kowalski. No, not THAT Stella Kowalski. The OTHER Stella Kowalski. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a sensible blue skirt suit and didn't seem to like me very much.1

There were other things, too, like children who both were and weren't part of the real/not real/possible film thing.

[Monty Python] I am a loony.[/Monty Python]

1 Fie on the Ebil Dream Makers who give me a Kowalski and it's Stella. You must Die, Ebil Dream Makers, Die, because you are So Not Paying Attention.
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