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she had a dark and a roving eye, and her earrings touched her shoulders

Cats That Look Like Hitler

This is the most random, silly thing I've seen in years. I am entirely amused.

Oh, and. It's officially 14 July!

Seventeen years ago today I did three things: made a bad decision, and also gave up control and dignity to the tecnocrats for several days. I also gained my youngest child, which makes the other two things become so much noise.

So, anyway, Happy birthday to mr_t00by! I adore him even when he refuses to clean the kitchen.

Yeah, I'm a sappy mum.

But really, check out the cats that look like Hitler. I actually DID have one of those as a kid. She went by the innocuous name of Mittens (no, really. I claim no credit for that one), and she lived to a ripe old age. songdog, if you have a picture somewhere in the Cats of the Past, maybe you could scan it and post it to the site? Which would be ever so silly and fine. It would be Cats Who Look Like Hitler: A Retrospective.

Tags: birthdays, silliness
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