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if I had a rocket launcher...I'd make somebody pay

Copied from patchfire's LJ:

"Through the act of controlling birth, we disassociate ourselves with its raw power. Disassociation makes it easier to identify with our 'civilized' nature, deny our 'savage' roots and connection with indigenous cultures. Birth simultaneously encompasses the three events that civilized societies fear - birth, death, and sexuality."

- Holly Richards, "Cultural Messages of Childbirth: The Perpetration of Fear."

Also, I feel a long fileshare post coming on. Probably tonight. This could be good or bad, and all.

Also#2, can anyone get me the lyrics to the Headstones' "Nickels for Your Nightmares"? That would be the song itself, not the entire album, natch. Um.

I don't need the song file; I have it already. For some weird reason I can't find the lyrics anywhere on Google, which means either Google sucks or I do. I'm going with teh Google. Either that or it's some weird conspiracy between the interwebz and a shadow government of some terror state, the focus of which is entirely dedicated to make sure I never learn the words to this one particular song, because it might end up being like that "Louie Louie, ohhh, ohhh, we gotta go, yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah" debacle, and OMG THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE. [/blithery randomness]
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