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baby, sweet baby, bring me your gift; what surprise you gonna hit me with?

So I'm wondering what Nick Lea has been up to recently, and gee, it would be really nice to see him in something again, maybe a movie or TV show.

So. I find out that not only is he in a Cool SF TV show, but also that he's in another TV show that may or may not be cool (if I can even access it, being south of the border, here).

And to top it all off, he's gonna be in Butterfly on a Wheel, which doesn't exactly sound like my kind of film, but.

*looks at rest of cast list*


Yeah. I'm so there.

Also, this is the most random, funniest thing I've heard in ages. It's so random it's isn't funny. Except it is.

Tim Wilson - George is On My Mind

Download, listen. Laugh hysterically.

Okay, going for a walk, now. It's not like my car works, or anything.
Tags: ckr, movies, music, nl, random
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