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Public Service Announcement

Copied, verbatim, by request from patchfire on behalf of all of the lovelies at godricshollow:

godricshollow needs a few good men/women.

Specifically, we need:

Vincent Crabbe
Rubeus Hagrid
Lucius Malfoy
Bill Weasley
Charlie Weasley

All of these have some kind of backstory in the game, except for Hagrid. We could also use an Arthur Weasley and a Madam Pomfrey, and most likely a Seamus. *glares at Seamusmun* Seamus has backstory, too.

We have no ghosts or portraits, but those would need to have at least two to get started, because having just one non-human was tried and failed miserably. Oh, and a Filch.

Canon students in Harry's year that we don't have: Lisa Turpin.

Other professors we don't have: Sinistra, Flitwick, Vector (who has been made out so far as old and near retirement), Ancient Runes professor.
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