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Primrose Burrows, RN. and other stuff

Geez. First I spam my own LJ with quizzes and things because not much noteworthy is going on. Then tons of stuff happens and I don't bother updating. Well.

First things first. After seventeen (yes, seventeen!) years of on-again-off-again college, kids, divorce, moving, making stupid-arse mistakes, I have FINALLY GOTTEN MY NURSING LICENCE!!!! I really was thinking I might have failed my state boards. Those questions were really really hard and I made educated guesses on a lot of them. No matter, tough. Now I can get a job and a better place to live and whee! *pats self on back*

*ahem* Then there's the joy of having four wives. *loves*

Let's see. Random stuff I was going to put in separate entries and was too lazy.

1. Finally saw Jesus Christ Superstar. The Play I've Wanted To See Since I was eleven. Slashy McSlash. Must coerce ask a certain wife to write me some fic for it. As a matter of fact,yes, I am going to Hell. *moves over, pats seat next to her* PG rating, please, dear. I don't want to go farther than the third level or so. Of Hell, that is.

2. I'll be making CD's soon for the Great Southern Food Tour. Any requests? *wonders vaguely about the wisdom of my offer*

3. This should go in its own post. I saw The Times of Harvey Milk again. I'd seen it before, a couple of years ago. This time I was with a group of people, and after it was over we just sat stone-silent for several minutes. I mean, really, what can one say about this film? About this incredible person who was another link in the chain of good people who are killed by the violence that ignorance engenders.

I'd like to see this film in every single secondary-school library. Education combats ignorance big time. The interview with the Union guy in the film is a good example of this.

Does anyone know if this film is still in print? I'd love to get my own copy. I looked on Amazon and it's not there. It won an Oscar in 1984 (I think it was 1984).

Edit: I found a site that has it for sale for 20 bucks!

4. Saw The Matrix Reloaded. I need to see it again to really understand it. Am st00pid. Didn't get the religious metaphors until someone told me.

5. Other stuff I can't remember. Next post.
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