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This is true, right?

Please say yes, because it hits so many of my dorky, geeky buttons it's not even funny.

On a related note, anyone interested in going to Celtic Colours with me next fall (2007, not 2006)? If I can get the money and the vacation days at the same time, I'm going, full stop. It's been waaay too many years since I've been home back (since something like 1999). And I've never been to Celtic Colours.

So whaddya say? songdog? patchfire? Anyone else? C'mon, it's Atlantic Canada in October. Crisp days and clear nights and mountains and ocean and beauty and music and more music and the general yayness of it all. I'm bouncing just thinking about it. Or maybe it's the Vault soda I stole from mr_t00by.
Tags: canada, cape breton, coolness, geekiness, music
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