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three days, filled with tears and sorrow: yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Okay, if I didn't know I was the hugest music geek on the planet I do now, as evidenced by this:

I'm almost halfway through Getting Married in Buffalo Jump, and my biggest fangirly outburst is ZOMG, k.d. lang AND THE RECLINES !!!!. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

But really, this is a much better film than I expected (so far, anyway). Sweet, character-driven love story, more than just the Harlequin Special Edition I expected. Oh, Canada, how do you do television so much better?

And, um. The toothpick's a nice touch; they should've given it more screentime. Or perhaps a one-on-one contest with RayK's toothpick. Preferably in close proximity to each other. Toothpick smackdown, I can see it now.

Anyway, my conclusion so far: Paul Gross does 47 better than 32. Not that he's any slouch at 32. Just needs a few more laugh lines, is all. But ZOMGKDLANGANDTHERECLINES.

Clearly, I need therapy.

In other news, yay, I have tomorrow off! I have the following plans:

1. Get my car back, because yay (sort of) money.

2. Work on my stories, because hello, deadline. Oh, and I need a beta. *adds to list*

3. Go shopping, because we are out of food, like really.

4. Make a post at TR.

5. Buy, and consume, Mike's Hard Lime.

6. Finish up reservation stuff for Nawlins.

7. Clean my room.

8. Get my bookshelf and set up work/study/sewing space.

Okay, so all that won't be done tomorrow, but I can pretty much count on 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6, with a strong emphasis on 5.
I also have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off, so I should get most of it done soon, anyway. I didn't even list pay bills, do housework, or a thousand other RL things that need doing.

Also, I'm surprised that there haven't been more guesses to my iPod Lyric Meme. Tomorrow I'm going to give additional lyrics to the unguessed songs, see if that makes it a little easier. Because y'all care, I know. But really, these are good songs and should be shared with the world, yessir.

Also #2, does anyone have an mp3 of k.d. lang and the Reclines' "Big Boned Gal"? I'd be v. appreciative, say thankya. And I'm still wondering where the next eps of Slings & Arrows have gotten to. I take emails. :)

Okay, fifteen minutes before I have to leave for work. Am walking, so I have to leave early. Which means I won't finish this movie before work. Wah. But ZOMGkdLANGANDTHERECLINES. *g*
Tags: geekery, music, paul gross, rl
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