try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

Dear Canadian TV Costuming People:

I love you, really I do. But honestly, isn't it possible that there might have been ONE family in the Ukraine somewhere with blue eyes?

Say sorry, but the brown contacts? Do not please me. Anachronistic isn't the exact word I'm searching for, here, but it's close. So is sacrilegous.

I forgive you on the basis of a decent story (from 1990, no less), k.d. lang and the Reclines (ZOMG!), the reappearance of the toothpick, the fact that Alexei is called Sascha (OMGYES), and the fact that thirteen years later you gave me us Geoffrey Tennant (who, thankfully, has lovely, half-crazy blue eyes).

And of course I'm not forgetting about Benton Fraser and his blue, blue eyes. Or Ray Kowalski and his mercurial iced-turquoise ones, either.

And okay, Nicholas Lea is one of yours. How could I not love you and forgive you a thousandfold?

So, in conclusion,

Ray Kowalski

Love anyway,


Also, in a semi-related topic (once removed), take a look at this:

Compare and contrast this:

and this:

and okay, this:

*insert creepy X-files music here*

Now, add to the weirdness this:
Nick Lea was not 1013's first choice for Sascha Alexei Krycek. The first actor offered the part was Callum Keith Rennie.

Ka like a wheel, may it do ya.

Oh, and Red Sox? I am not a happy fan at the moment. Papi came through, WHERE WERE THE REST OF YOU? Grrr.

Geh. Must really go to bed. If I keep stopping to write dorky LJ posts, I'll never finish this movie. :/

Day off tomorrow, with much to accomplish. *stumbles to bed*
Tags: anachronisms, ckr, i am a giant giant dork, ka, movies, nick lea, paul gross
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