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she walked with grace as she entered the place; yeah, the big boned girl was proud

k.d. lang and the Reclines - Big Boned Gal

Thank you, thank you, patchfire. *plays over and over*

And okay, now I've got a slightly disturbing image in my head, thanks to songfile and current icon being utterly MFEO. I really, really wish I knew how to make vids.

moonlight69, could we make a date to figure out what's up in gunslingerland? Eddie needs to post, but I need to figure out logistics/timeline first. Maybe RP a little, too. Thankee-sai. :) karabou, also, if possible. I'll be available tomorrow evening after midnight my time. Also Wed. daytime. *hugs you both*
Tags: i am disturbed, songfiles
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