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beat the boredom that frames the lightning; beat the path of the rituals

Okay, so Hugh Dillon.

The guy radiates talent in waves; he's a poet, singer, actor, musician, all that stuff. Plus he's intelligent, reads a book a week, and has a cool accent (sue me, I like the way he says "possibly").

I adore Hugh in that "yay, smart rock 'n' roll!" way. A pretty-much-platonic rock and roll fangirl kind of way, nothing too crushy y'know?

Also, except for a few notable exceptions (like OMG "Crystal Ship"), I'm SO not a Doors fan.

Then this happens:

Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir - Love Her Madly

I'm such a sucker for low, smoky voices. Mnrgh.

I'm sure I'll get over it. Eventually.

Possibly. :)

And y'know? I really should make shorter posts. This one was just supposed to consist of the file link and the words "OMG*SPUTTER*" Geez.

Oh, and here's another one, because I can:

Headstones - Unsound

Lyrics here. Poetry, do ya.
Tags: fangirl, fileshare, hdrc, headstones, hugh dillon
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