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She'll come back as fire and burn all the liars, leave a blanket of ash on the ground

From moonlight69:

Over the summer, have you:

1. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend
Neither, say sorry.

2.Kissed someone?
No. Is very sad life. Will probably have very sad death. But at least there is symmetry.

I think so. Obviously wasn't really memorable.

4. Wanted someone you coudn't have?
In real life? Nah.

5. Been to the beach?
No. I get heat exhaustion and pass out. I should try to go at night sometime, though.

6. Been to a party?
Yep. croosa's and tapped_trish's wedding reception. Yay!

7. Talked on the phone all night?
No, I'm not a phone person.

8. Stayed up all night?
Yeah. AKA, "is that BIRDS I hear?"

9. Went shopping?
Only when I have to.

10. Been out of state?

11. Went swimming?

12. Been hit on?
patchfire leers at me when I say big words. Does that count?

13.Been asked out?
No. See above Zathras quote.

14. Asked someone out?
No, because Geoffrey Tennant is taken and also does not exist.

15. Got in a car with a stranger?
Well, I took a taxi.

16. Lost someone close?
No, thankfully.

17. Slept in someone else's bed?
Yes. moonlight69, who behaved very appropriately, darnitall.

18. Had someone sleep in your bed?
No. *weeps*

19. Got drunk?
Not even once. It's hard to get drunk on Mike's Hard Lime, y0.

21. Been grounded?
Well, yes, I peeled the label off a cat prescription tube and my mum used her version of logical consequences and wouldn't let me go on the field trip I'd only been looking forward to for FOUR WHOLE YEARS...oh, wait. That was back in eighth grade.
Um. No. (calls therapist)

22. Fell in love?
Yes, but not with a person.

23. Regret something?
I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

24. Been dumped?
There has to be a dump-er to be a dumpee, right? So no.

25. Lied?
I'm not very good at it, but probably, and nothing big. More the "I didn't leave the seat up" variety. I really don't remember. However, you never know. I could be lying right now.

26. Done anything against the law?
Taking toilet paper from work is probably against the law, but it was a desperate situation.

27. Been camping?
No, but I'd really like to.

28. Got in a fight?
Not a physical one.

29. Smoked?
I've gone on vacation, so therefore, cloves.

30. Stayed at a hotel?
Not this summer. I went to Manhattan last winter and it was cold. But I stayed at the Larchmont Hotel and I went to Bleecker Street!

31. flirted with someone?
Of course and always. My wife, mostly. *g* Also my other wife.

I'm going to songdog's house tomorrow, where we will drink and dine and most likely sing, to the longsuffering chagrin of her offspring. :)
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