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To riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits; to fruits, to no absolutes--to Absolut!

I have this myself, but I figure youtube is faster than yousendit. Anyone wants the file, I'll send it. Isn't it glorious?

Also, okay, I knew this:

Which character from Due South are you?

You are Benny! Benton Frasier, R.C.M.P. You're serious, but you let a little dry humor come through. You take your job very seriously, and always manage to get your man. You're hansome and charming, but befuddled by women. Be careful of who you let steal your heart.
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I swear I did not cheat. I'm so much like Fraser (well, okay, without the whole jumping off buildings and licking random objects angle) that it's just not funny. I lie horribly, I'm terribly polite, and if you think you know me, you probably don't. I'm either Fraser or Minbari. *shoos away Ebil Fraser/Delenn plotbunny*
Tags: memes, sir elton, youtube
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