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mirror, mirror, won't you give me reflections of another wanna be wanna be

Ergh. I was an hour and a half late for work due to some alleged tractor-trailer flipover accident on Interstate 95/Massachusetts State Route 128 South on my way back from songdog's house. (they're the same road--I think it's even U.S. Route 1 North for a bit, which is odd because this is the southbound side of the highway). The evidence is conclusive--the Boston area is silly. Of course, coincidentally, I was without my mobile phone, so I had to get off the highway and find a phone to call work and tell them. I misjudged how late I'd be by over an hour, geez. I figured twenty minutes late, tops. Except the parking lot was miles long. I never saw any accident, so maybe it was a vast multi-car conspiracy to piss me off. Consequently I arrived at work for a 3 pm shift at 4:33.

Also, randomly, in the middle of the traffic jam, my wipers decided to quit their job. Suddenly, in mid-wipe. Of course it was raining. It was the same rain that woke me this morning after just three hours of sleep and reminded me that woah, my car's sunroof is open! All I can say is, good thing for leather seats.

Anyway, so. I could see well enough because it wasn't pouring rain, and also because Mary had used Rain-X on the windshield when she owned the car (I don't like it, I think it scratches the glass, but it came in handy today). I hope it's just a fuse and that the rain didn't fry whatever makes the wipers go.

So I get to work, and of course it's busy. I felt like a glorified cocktail waitress, only with Trazodone instead of tequila.

Tomorrow, I'm working the day shift on the Senior Specialty Unit, which IMO is the most difficult place to work in the hospital. Why did I take my day off and turn it over to work? I mean, I need the money, but eep. Given the choice, I'd pick something simpler, like the children's unit or even better, my OWN unit.

The real reason I'm doing it is that Mary, the nurse who asked me to work for her is just short of a saint herself, and I couldn't, couldn't say no. She's one of those devout Catholic women who practise what they preach. She's very religious, but it's not just lip service like it can be with some (and I'm SO not targeting Catholics, all religions do it; there are some pretty hypocritical Unitarians around.It's just that Mary happens to be Catholic) She goes around doing good for others, even after losing her adult son to a sudden medical event. I won't even swear, not even "hell" or "damn", around Mary. And I can refuse her nothing.

So tomorrow I'll head off to the SSU and crush meds and feed patients and feel good that I'm helping Mary do whatever it is she needs to do. Which probably has something to do with The Good of Mankind, I am not kidding. The world's a better place because of Mary. Alas, there is more than likely not any much sleep tonight. :/ Still, there is Mike's Hard Lemon.

And now, dear flist, a Request! There has to be one of you with the ability to convert other types of files to .mp3s, right? Because I need the song on this page converted. I'm sure I have Tribe somewhere, I remember ordering it. I'll do it again if I can't find it, but until then? Because it has to go on my iPod like yesterday.

So, flist, how about it? Do you have the technology? Because I do not, for all I've tried. And it's Bernie, seen here making even a mullet look pretty. *points to icon*

Yessir, this whole post is little more than a glorified GIP. *points to icon again*
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