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and the violence caused such silence; who are we mistaken?

Good article about the censorship of Helen Keller's life story here:

The Truth About Helen Keller

I read The Story of Helen Keller when I was no older than nine (and yay, that's my review on top! I am a geekdork. I also give my real name out on, go me). I completely fell for her because of this book, another one called Helen Keller's Teacher, and the novelisation of The Miracle Worker.

None of those books told me anything about Helen's life and work as a socialist and activist for suffrage and pacifism. She protested WWI, and maybe that's why this part of her biography was censored, I dunno. I didn't find out about the activism stuff until much, much later, and it pisses me off. No matter what someone's political opinion is, or even a nations opinion, shutting off an important part of someone's life story is pretty close to evil.

Oh, and speaking of WWI, Dan Radcliffe will be starring in My Boy Jack, which is about Rudyard Kipling and his son and WWI (thanks to taradiane for the link). Considering my lefty/pacifist leanings, it's ironic that I love a good war film. Well, that is if they're done right and not lying about being a war film like Pearl Harbor (ewwewwewwwww) did, or promoting an agenda like most of John Wayne's films did. I loved M*A*S*H, film AND TV series, both of which had an agenda the size of Spain. But hey, it's an agenda I agree with! I never said I wasn't petty.

So. With Dan's movie (or is it a TV-film?) coming out the same year as Passchendaele (which I'm almost positive is a definite thing. Right? Right?), there will be two films about war that *gasp!* aren't coming from America, or even about Americans, for that matter. Which will mean that I migh not even get to see My Boy Jack until the DVD is released (if it is), and I'm going to have to Travel for Passchendaele, because most likely "A theatre near you" means somewhere in New Brunswick. Not that traveling to the Maritimes is a BAD thing, but I'm already going there the month before.

I'm not holding out for a U.S. release of either of these films (if Dan's movie is a cinema production). The American public as a whole just ain't gonna turn out in droves for a couple of war films made in other countries about battles they weren't even invited to (it's interesting that neither film is up at, which lists everything, even movies that *might* be made). I would, but I'm a history dork. mr_t00by likes history, too. There's hope for the next generation after all. :)

*fangirls Current Music* I haven't listened to the Cranberries for ages. Apparently I'm going through a '90s music phase. *headbangs*

P.S. and completely OT: I'm stuck on this fic I'm writing. I made the mistake of going back and reading what I've written so far, and have decided I suck like a big sucking thing. I might think better of it tomorrow. I hope I do. I'm waay too wordy, and so is the fic. I desparately need sure could use a beta. I know patchfire will help me with grammar and style and getting rid of the Wordy McWord, but I'm still gonna need someone besides who knows the characters.

Anyway, it's DS, F/K, post COTW (Woah, that looks like a code). There is also Stella, who I do not kill off. And RayV. Iced tea makes an appearance. I should look at one of those beta lists floating around. Tomorrow. Domani.
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