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DT: come reap

ain't got no quarrels with god, ain't got no time to grow old

Posted on 2006.31.08 at 01:00
where am I: here
How I feel about it all: accomplishedaccomplished
Soundtrack: Sublime - Badfish

Answers to my iPod lyric meme, with yay!songfiles!

I think I have everyone. If you guessed right and I left you out, tell me and I'll fix it. I have trouble with lists, so it could happen.

If you guessed right (even if you didn't guess first) I'll write something drabble-ish for you if it's a fandom/book/film/yaddayadda that I actually know.

My usuals are Harry Potter, due South and its various giant pseudopods offshoots (yes, even that one. Um.), Slings & Arrows (which I insist has to be mentioned all by itself *g*), Dark Tower, etc. I can probably do others, within reason. If it's a drabble, I'll do crossovers, any pairings, gen, whatever.

Or, if you're not into such things, I'll send you a songfile I think you'd like. Or both, because I'm a fileshare slut.

1. How come I gotta die to get a chance to talk to you face to face?
Indigo Girls - Hey Jesus.
(Unfortunately I don't have a non-iPod file for this song)

2. You're an untamed youth, that's the truth, with your cloak full of eagles
T. Rex - Bang a Gong

3. Where you end, where I begin, is like a river going through
Dave Matthews Band - Grace is Gone

4. Your mama, the long and suffering prisoner of what she can not see
Natalie Merchant - Life is Sweet

5. Die Nachbarn haben nichts gerafft und fuehlten sich gleich angemacht
Nena - 99 Luftballons
sam80853,stormwynd, flutteringazure

6. Looks like Christmas at 55 degrees; this latitude weakens my knees
The Tragically Hip - Thompson Girl

7. You can get just so much from a good thing; you can linger too long in your dreams
Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith

8. I wanna feel your breath even though you like to flirt with death
Lucinda Williams - Essence

9. And you don't need to wonder, you're doing fine; my love, the pleasure's mine
Heart - Crazy on You

10. It makes me mad at truth for loving what was you
Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face

11. Consume more than you need; this is the dream
Tracy Chapman - Mountains O' Things
(bleh. No regular file for this, either)

12. Either don't let go, son, or grab the nearest friend
The Beautiful South - The Slide

13. Calculate the percentage and disfigure every cost; there'll be another mall open on Monday
The Headstones - Nickels For Your Nightmares

14. Hey, honey, you got lots of cash; bring us down a bottle and we'll have some laughs
Joni Mitchell - Raised on Robbery
(I really thought I had the file for this somewhere besides my iPod)
topaz7, eltonroo

15. She's like a new girl every day, and all the rest don't bother me
Robert Palmer - She Makes My Day

16. Must be strangely exciting to watch the stoic squirm
Alanis Morissette - Uninvited (acoustic version, live)

17. Ah, take me home, please, I'm cold
Keeley and Gross - Cherry Beach
brooklinegirl, sam80853

18. It's hard to run from a starving family
Elton John - Ballad of a Well-Known Gun

19. Trying to tell you all that I can in a sweet and velvet tongue
Rufus Wainwright - The One You Love

20. My love will laugh with me before the morning comes
The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
(Note: The last two numbers at the end of the url are 19. Coincidence? Hmm.)

21. With a mandolin or an angry grin and a dead wife in the larder
The Flash Girls - All-Purpose Folk Song
(written by the very lovely and talented Neil Gaiman, no less)

22. Every schoolboy knows the hiding places I don't
Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir - Microscope
(sorry this is an m4a; I bought the album from iTunes, and that's how they send 'em)

25. Many times I've gazed along the open road
Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away
eltonroo, eldritchhobbit


Amy H. Sturgis
eldritchhobbit at 2006-08-31 15:52 (UTC) ()
Thanks so much for including songfiles with these!

And oooh, your offer is kind! I am such an iPod freak at the moment, I just love collecting songs. If there's one you think I'd like, I'll hug it and squeeze it and call it my own. :) Thank you SO much!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-08-31 17:07 (UTC) ()
The Flash Girls - Yeti

If you have this, I can send something else. If you don't, OMG, it's wonderful. Written by 17-year-old Neil Gaiman, which amazes but doesn't surprise me.
Amy H. Sturgis
eldritchhobbit at 2006-09-01 03:22 (UTC) ()
*squee* I didn't have this - and it is awesome! *huge hugs* Thank you!!!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-09-01 05:59 (UTC) ()
You like? Well, then, you should have these, then:

The Flash Girls - A Girl Needs a Knife

The Flash Girls -Me And Dorothy Parker

The first one's another Neil song, the second isn't. It's by another author, but I can't remember who it is without checking the CD case, which I haven't seen in an age. Someone you've heard of, I'm sure.

You can get the Maurice and I, the album they're from, here.
Amy H. Sturgis
eldritchhobbit at 2006-09-01 16:33 (UTC) ()
Woohoo! *huge hugs* You are the best. Thanks a million!!!
eltonroo at 2006-09-01 02:42 (UTC) ()
OMG how did I not get "Crazy on you"!! I used to be a huge Heart fan. Got to see them in concert in Toronto and they were fabulous.
Congrats to your Bosox who beat my Jays tonight.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-09-01 05:50 (UTC) ()
Heart has the dubious honour of recording the only Bernie Taupin composition I don't like. I don't know what it is, but I really don't care for "These Dreams." *shrugs*

I'll think of a songfile to send you, but I'm not sure what it'll be yet. Stay tuned...
eltonroo at 2006-09-01 13:43 (UTC) ()
I didn't know that Bernie wrote "Dreams". I always felt bad that that became one of their biggest hits given the lead vocals are done by the "other" Wilson sister. (ie Ann as opposed to Nancy, or is it vice versa, I always get confused!)
My favourite song of theirs, by the way, was "Love Alive" - great vocals and great acoustic guitar.
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