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I am following the river down the highway through the cradle of the Civil War

In which Primrose is worn out from a double shift, and fortifies herself with picspam, as well as referring to herself in the third person:

Dear Canada,

Whatever is in your water, please tell me so that I can bottle it and sell it to the masses. I'll be sure to pay the import tax, of course.


Much love,


The first pic (or two, in one case) in each category is from sometime in the mid-late '90s. The rest are from quite a bit later.

Exhibit A: Nicholas Lea (d.o.b. 22 June 1962):

Alex Krycek, The X-Files, "The End" (1998)

Tom Foss, from KyleXY (2006)

Also from KyleXY. This one slays me on several levels OMG:

Ethan McKay from Whistler (2006):

Patrick Carlson/Jeff Watkins from Deadly Isolation (2005):

I don't know where or when this was taken. But it's NL mouth!porn and therefore must be shared. To thine own kinks be true, and all:

Exhibit A.1.0: Paul Gross (d.o.b. 30 April 1959):

Benton Fraser, from due South (S4, Call of the Wild, part one) (1999):

My fake boyfriend Geoffrey Tennant, from Slings & Arrows (S3, 2006) :

Thomas McLaughlin from H2O, 2004:

Buddy French, from Wilby Wonderful (2004):

And last, but definitely, absolutely not least, Exhibit A.1.0.1, Callum Keith Rennie (d.o.b. 14 September 1960):

Billy Tallent, from Hard Core Logo (1996)

Eddie's father, from The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2004):

(is it me or does Callum look a lot like David Bowie here?)

Don Pritchard/Lt. Daniel Holt, from H2O (2004)

Denny, from Whole New Thing (2005)

Duck MacDonald, from Wilby Wonderful, 2004:

Roy, from Supernatural: Wendigo, 2005:

pics (mostly) from nick_daily and stormymouse's great big incredible site.
Tags: ckr, nl, picspam
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