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And I felt then that I moved with all those lucky bucks and angels high in the theatre in the sky

It's 14 September. Where did the month go?

Being that it's 14 September, it's also the birthday of the very lovely and talented Callum Keith Rennie. *celebrates*

Have a good one, darlin', you deserve it.

This one's for you. Ya done good, kiddo. *raises glass*

Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith (this was in my Fannish lyric meme, but nobody guessed it. *sigh*)

And, keeping with the theme (yay for continuity!), I put together a Ray Kowalski songspam. I have no idea why some of these songs scream "Ray!" at me. It's not just the lyrics, and he probably wouldn't like all of them:

Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come (I think Ray's a Sinatra fan. Possibly a closet one, but I doubt it. A lot of Sinatra stuff reminds me of Vecchio, but not this one)

Keeley and Gross - Blind Man (yes, this is a Ray song. Except for the line about haircolour, it's so Ray it isn't even funny. never mind that it hits a whole bunch of rps buttons)

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (lyrics here)

Melissa Etheridge - You Used To Love To Dance
(It's all about The Stella, obviously)

John Mellencamp - Authority Song (Do I really need a comment here?)

Don Henley - Heart of the Matter (Yet another Stella song. Also in the meme. *g*)

Aerosmith - Same Old Song and Dance. Definitely not the lyrics here. Just the feel of it.

Elton John - I'm Still Standing. (Ray would probably hate this song, but eh. It suits him. I'm thinking post-COTW)

The Who - Real Good Looking Boy. (Because, well, duh, he is. And I think Ray isn't the most secure person in the world. And it's F/K. It so is)

This one isn't exactly part of the Ray!Songspam. Well, it is, because I think he'd like it, but that's not why I'm posting it.

O.A.R. - That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker.


Bruce MacDonald and Don McKellar can co-write the screenplay. I get to cast it. Callum gets to be the lead, and Hugh gets to be the co-star. Any other roles are up for grabs, but y'know,I'm open for suggestions. O.A.R. can do the entire soundtrack, if they want. Or Hugh. Or both.

And if it's not a movie, it needs to be an AU fic of some sort.

Okay, sleep now. I stayed up way too early late to do this.

P.S. Even if you are not fannish, these are good songs. Take, take! *shares*
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