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And I've spread their ashes on the wind, and I miss John Lennon's laugh

Oh. Ohhh. OMG.

Any reaction I have to this will be sadly inadequate. All I can say is, eltonroo, you were right. I love it. To the point of being incoherent.

I was going to post a song-by-song review, but I can't come up with anything that would adequately convey my thoughts at this point.

Just. It's everything and more that I expected. And given the place in my own life I'm listening from, it's perfect. Undeniably, incredibly perfect.

And ohh. Yes.

Oh, my loves, my forever-and-a-day OTP, what you've wrought. I was apprehensive, then optimistic, and when I finally had the CD in hand and the lyrics alone made me want to cry, I was overwhelmed. Now, after listening, I'm left weak and wibbly and encouraged. My on-the-spot reactions were basically, Oh, Jesus and Fuck, yes. Entirely, completely, yes.

Tomorrow I'll post a more coherent review. Maybe. Right now I don't know what I could possibly say.

Tonight, I can do no more than send out inarticulate gratitude. In spades, as usual. How you've changed me, the both of you, in these thirtysome years. How you still do, so you do, so, so you do.

Oh, my Twins, you've been with me for so very long. I have nothing to say right now except to agree with Dar Williams: you're aging well, and aren't we aging well? So much, so yes. I aspire to do the same.

All my weepy fangirlishness is a very good thing. You done good, kids. *throws self at your feet*

I adore you both, so, so much.

Live forever, okay?
Tags: bernie taupin, elton john, omg
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