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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

will the things we wrote today sound as good tomorrow?

croosa just linked me to this wonderful thing. Dude. It's actually written by the guys who created TMNT. It's gotta be good.

Trailer here.

I'm waay too excited about this. I wonder if mr_t00by knows about it.

Also? i_am_a_hannah called me last night from a Rolling Stones Concert, just to tell me she was there. She didn't get to see much, because she was doing something for Habitat for Humanity. But it was cool that she called. Does she know her mum or not?

My first question: Did they do "Paint It Black"? Because, well. Of course I'd ask that.

I hope they played Memory Motel, because it's all "Hannah baby was a honey of a girl". Which of course, she is. *loves* And of course, if they played it, it'd be without the coolness of the Dave Matthews Factor. :/

Oh, and. on_a_hill is getting a "music of your life" CD exchange together. I am very excited, but OMG. ONE CD? I'll need more than one. The Ten Songs That Mean The Most To Me In The Entire Universe take up one CD. *angsts*

Oh, and #2. Speaking of said Ten Songs, I've been thinking about what my favourite song is, because I've never really had one single favourite song. If I have to pick one, I really think it's Writing. And gee, it only took me thirty a few measley years to figure that one out. 'Course, it's best with the two songs that come after it, but on its own, yeah. I think it's my favourite. Of course, you needed to know that, right?

Ah, the heck with it. Here's the entire album:

Elton John and Bernie Taupin - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)

Just leave the last three songs off when you listen. They're just tacked-on songs that I don't understand. Not part of the original album. Save 'em for later, because they're still cool. They're just not part of the Saga.

This dorky post was brought to you by croosa and i_am_a_hannah, who rock my world, truly.

Going now. *geeks out, stage left*
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