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yellow brick road

Your beauty is beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair

Posted on 2006.22.09 at 03:21
where am I: yes, still awake! Yay for ten pm naps! Or not.
How I feel about it all: awakeWIDE AWAKE
Soundtrack: The White Stripes - Jolene (Peel sessions version)
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From brooklinegirl and lipsum:

Fell in love: I think I was something like 11. At. First. Sight. Took me years to get over him.

Lost your virginity: Suffice it to say I was in high school. Barely. Do as I say, not as I do, kids.

Lost someone close to you: 23. My lovely Gramma. I still miss her. My Mary is named after her (first name, anyway). They actually look alike, if you look past the age difference. *loves*

Drank alcohol: I was allowed 7 oz. beers by my parents at oh, ten or eleven.

Smoked: 12. Actually sought my friend out and had her teach me. No peer pressure; I was the one doing the pressuring. Oddly, I've never become addicted. I can smoke or not smoke. *shrugs* And all I ever do are cloves anymore, so I don't do it often. Them things are bad for you.

Got your heart broken: 15. See first two questions.

Got arrested: Someone said speeding tickets count, so sometime in my twenties. On my birthday. For running a stop sign. ON BLOCK FECKING ISLAND.

Broken a bone: Never. croosa has done that enough for our entire family.

Got cheated on: Dunno. Probably fourteen or fifteen. See all those other questions.

Rode the city bus: 14. I have no idea. I rode the T before I ever took a bus. I used to skip school at fourteen and take the train to Boston and ride the bus all day. Never did anything bad, just rode the T. I still love subways. And busses.

Went to a concert: Maybe 12 or thirteen. Paul Stookey. Go figure.

Met someone famous: Sometime mid-thirties. Stephen Furst, who is such a w00bie and such a wonderful guy. I had dinner with Mary and some other women at a con and he sat with us and told us his life story. And trusted us not to blab on the internet (nobody did, as far as I know). We actually exchanged emails for a few weeks, and the next time I saw him, YEARS later, he not only remembered me, but asked how Mary was doing. Lovely, lovely man.

Dyed your hair: Sometime in my twenties. My mum would never allow it.

Got your first cell phone: 39. Mary gave me her old one.

Got a MySpace: Sometime last year, though I rarely use it. I keep thinking it could be turned into something good, but who knows?

Snuck out of the house: Never did that.

Got your own digital camera: I dunno, three years ago?

First time you got drunk: I was twelve, at a party at my dad's in Florida, with a bunch of college girls who told me "You can't get sacked on Yago". I did. I think I threw up. Bleh. I hate being drunk.

Read Harry Potter: 2001? I saw the H/D in CANON, y0.

Travelled across the ocean: I was 20, IIRC. Egypt, Italy, Amsterdam. Actually fun, mostly.

Wore a toga: Never ever.

Travelled out of state/country: I think I went to Maine when I was nine. Went to London, Ontario when I was something like fourteen or fifteen, with a band trip.

I remember the money and the cigarettes were cool, and that I really, really didn't want to leave Canada because it was a much cooler place than Wilmington, MA. You really got your hooks in me, didn't you dear? Of COURSE it was in the middle of winter. I almost always go to Canada in the middle of winter. There's probably some Deep Moral involved here, but feck if I know what it is. *g*

Shopped at Abercrombie/M&S: Abercrombie: Whenever Mary decided to wear their stuff, and only under duress. I don't know what M&S is.

Went to Disney World: 12! Rode Space Mountain before it got wimpy. \o/

Saw a Broadway/West End play: You mean actually ON Broadway? Never. I saw Jesus Christ, Superstar at PPAC, though, with the current (at the time) Broadway cast two years ago.

How old are you now: Probably younger than Martha Burns. And if she doesn't have to say, neither do I.

Okay, I'm 45. Feel better? I don't.

But it makes me cooler than Martha.

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