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I'm not sure whether living within walking distance of the Salvation Army saves me money or causes me to spend more. I went there today to get a baking pan to cook dinner in, and came back with said pan, several wine glasses (including some nice clear ones with gold stars on them!), and....a full length black graduation robe!

The significance of this is that my kid has decided to be Draco Malfoy for Halloween (with only a little prodding from me, really!), and I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out a robe for him. Well, this is perfect. Fifteen bucks worth of perfect, but, hey, all in the interest of art. I've already ordered the Slytherin patch for him, I just hope it shows up by Saturday, which is when the first party is. Now to find a wand...

I'm also trying to figure out how to filk Mack the Knife. Doesn't have to be any particular fandom, but dammit, I wanna do it. Yeah, I know.

Oh, and I made chocolate almond toffee candy today, and brought some to the neighbors, all in the name of being nice and diplomacy an' stuff.

Whee...I'm actually doing stuff. I deserve bubbly.
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