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Under the cut are some

Shoulder Dystocia and Brachial Plexus Injury: Can They Be Predicted and Prevented?.

I wonder if the Gaskin Maneuver will be mentioned, and if it is, if it'll actually be CALLED "The Gaskin Maneuver".

Here's the Midwifery Model.

Fetal Assessment: Ultrasound, Doppler, and Heart Rate Monitoring.

I don't see anything in the course description focussing on the relative safety of any of these.

Here's something from Midwifery Today on Prenatal Ultrasound.

Shepherding the Second Stage of Labor

If the course title itself didn't make me nauseous, the use of the word "management" and "management" would send me running for the bucket. This could be a good course with great chances for dialogue, but from the title and the way it's described, I doubt it is</a>.

I mean, really. "Manage the persistent occiput posterior in the delivery room"? Um. My "persistent occiput posterior" (birth weight 9 lbs, 7 oz.) is currently a sophomore at Wheaton College. She makes Dean's List most of the time, I might add. We um. managed just fine without ACOG (or a Caeserian or an episiotomy, imagine that!). The only problems occured after the birth, and were directly caused by the hospital's silly anal policies.

Also, "Better comprehend the significance of time spent in the second stage?" I don't even know what that MEANS.

Here's an article about a better way to "manage" second stage. Studies are proving this way right over and over again.

Eep. Surfing ACOG's website is more depressing than an A-Rod walkoff at Yankee Stadium.
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