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I got a hundred more like you, so don't be blue; I'll have a thousand 'fore I'm through

I had a weird dream with a lot of weird stuff in it. But apparently it was also a comedy as well (thankfully without a laugh track). I was looking at myself in the mirror, and noticed I'd lost weight. I turned around and looked and said, woah, I've lost some in my arse, too, yay! Then I noticed another area thatI thought was too flabby, but I wasn't sure whether it was also a part of the same area. I realised it wasn't, it was the part of the back of my arm with my elbow. So I thought to myself, "I really don't know my arse from my elbow, do I?" *headdesk*

In the same dream, I was on Block Island, walking past a little building on Dodge Street (one of the main roads). Turns out MENSA had a headquarters here (in my dream anyway). It was late at night, after midnight, but the lights were on and there were people inside. I walked in and asked if they had any information on the group, and both of them gave me versions of "we're too busy, we don't feel like helping you".

Another part of the dream involved being late for a class taught by Stephen King because I couldn't find a bra that didn't hurt my back because the only one I had was worn and the hooks were broken. Also I ended up wearing someone else's shoes which were too big and I had to change them. I don't know if I ever made it to the class. The two women who were with me said, oh, it's going to be easy, and I said, I don't think so, because SK would be someone who would want us to actually learn stuff. Before that, I was walking down the street with him (SK, that is, also on Block Island, but also not on Block Island because there were Tall New Buildings. I love dreams. *g*). These are my celebrity dreams. I even lead a boring dreamlife.

I also dreamed about Fraser, but I don't know if it was part of the same dream or not. There were weird crawlspaces and rusty mechanical carousels or something, and also small containers with Adderall XR in them. Something to do with drug dealers. I don't think I was even myself here. And I never dream about Fraser (who is the closest thing to my fake!twin brother I'll ever get). I did dream I was kissing Alex Krycek once (ETA: This was years ago. Not the same dream). That was nice.

Also that Neil Gaiman was a doctor. That could have been nice as well, but he didn't talk to me much. *g*

Okay, time for work. *waves*
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