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dirty was the daybreak, sudden was the change, in such a silent place as this beyond the rifle range

I was going to make a version of this post earlier, but LJ ate it, which was probably good, because it involved cat food, which really has nothing to do with anything.

Okay, so the omelet. Boursin cream cheese, tomatoes, smoked salmon, and the best tasting eggs ever, topped with a balsamic reduction. It was the omelet special of the day at the Brickway on Wickenden, and it's called the Nova Scotia Omelet. I couldn't possibly have turned it down, and I'm very glad I didn't. Add some home fries, rye toast (even though I ordered wheat, wtf?), not-too-shabby coffee, my book and a sunny window looking out onto Wickenden Street. Lovely. Then I went home and slept for four hours, because I'd been working all night.

Keeping with the Nova Scotia theme, I finally saw Buried on Sunday, which should make malnpudl feel better, as she has been bugging cajoling suggesting that I do so for some time now. I wasn't prepared to love it. A lot of reviews were pretty lukewarm, not that I pay a lot of attention to reviews.

But OMG, I was sucked right in by the dry wit and social commentary and (mostly) ensemble cast. Nuclear warheads as comedy! An old salt storyteller! And the CCCP! In 1992! Also, apparently Maury Chaykin has a thing for appearing in films set on tiny islands off the coast of Nova Scotia. His character in this one's much more likeable than the one he played in Wilby Wonderful.

One of my favourite scenes is the whole thing with the Prime Minister talking to the American VICE President and being all wimpy. I love the scene because of the satire and the self-mocking that's representative of the whole film, but ouch. It still made me wince, which I imagine was the intent of the writer.

Martha Burns should have been in this. She would have done better in the lead female role and had nicer hair.

I think another reason I got a lot of the small-town stuff is that I actually lived on a small island off the coast, and I think that coastal RI isn't all that far removed culturally from coastal Atlantic Canada. Not identical, but close. Although not exactly, because Block Island's fishing industry was pretty much wiped out with the 1938 Hurricane. But while I was living there the island did threaten to secede from Rhode Island. Colorado wanted us, I hear, so they could have a coastline. *g* I'm also fairly certain, having lived there for sixteen years, that we never had a First Warden who came even close to anything even close to resembling baby!Geoffrey Tennant.

Also (for various reasons), I'm both intensely relieved and sorely disappointed that I'm not likely to be inches above a hydrogen bomb. :)

Also#2 (Actually, #3, but who's counting)? My current music should so be part of the BoS soundtrack. Listen for yourself:

Elton John - Where To Now, St. Peter? I can think of at least two characters it would fit. I should quit my day job and go to work as a musical consultant for the film industry. I'd make a fortune; I'd be sought-after by zillions!

So, yeah, it's very cool to find that I love something I wasn't even sure I'd like. :) What took me so long?

ETA: How dorky is it that I not only just edited this post to change a semicolon to a comma in the SUBJECT, but also that I posted an ETA EXPLAINING IT? Dear Lord.
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