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DT: come reap

me, I'm trying just to get to second base, and I'd steal it if she only gave the sign

Posted on 2006.20.10 at 01:54
where am I: planet earth
How I feel about it all: disappointedsulking over the Mets
Soundtrack: Billy Joel - Zanzibar
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Meme where there's the possibility of giving long wordy answers. How can I resist? By way of ceilidh, who has one of my favourite usernames. :D

Comment with the name/title of a fandom I'm aware of (if I don't know it, I'll tell you, unless you want me to make something up, which I highly doubt, although it would be fun to try. *g*), no matter how obvious you think the answers will be, and I'll reply to you with the character I love best and why, and maybe who I ship them with. Also, you're free to reply in subthreads and ask me why I ship or don't ship something. In fact I encourage it. *g*)

Also, GO TIGERS! Because the Cards beat my Mets, and because I love underdogs, and especially because I adore my peacey so much. And the Tigers deserve it. They've worked so hard the past, oh, couple of years, really, to earn the chance for the ring.

And GIP!.

Yes, that's mine, and I love it a lot. I get at least one compliment a day on it. People always are asking what it means, which of course is my chance to do some serious pimping in the guise of information. If it weren't for moonlight69, I'd still be sitting here with a bare wrist. *loves*


sam80853 at 2006-10-20 06:23 (UTC) ()
I go with Slings & Arrows here because I really wanna know your ships on this one.

Tattoo ... C'mon, now you have to tell what it means! And around your wrist? I heard that's the most painful place to get a tattoo done.
I have one on my shoulder that I love a lot ::smiles:: ... hey, tattoo contest, hehe.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 07:04 (UTC) ()
Geoffrey/Ellen is my OTP (although I ship Geoffrey/Me in some fantasy AU). It was obvious they were still in love from the very first time they saw each other again. Ellen wouldn't react the way she did otherwise, and Geoffrey, well. He showed by his expressions that he didn't like anyone speaking ill of or to her, and he got this soft, sweet look on his face when she was doing the table reading, and this was all while she was being pretty darn mean to him (not that he didn't deserve it just a little, y'know?)

Having said all that, I'm captivated utterly by the huge, complex dynamic between Oliver and Geoffrey. It's just as obvious that Oliver is completely in love with Geoffrey I think the reason he slept with Ellen is because of it. When he says he did it for power, I don't believe he meant the kind of power he wanted Geoffrey to think he did. He wanted Geoffrey's emotions, all his energy, directed at HIM, even if it was rage and grief. I think part of the reason Ghost!Oliver hung around wasn't just so Geoffrey could make peace with the past, but also Oliver himself.

The scene where he's massaging Geoffrey's shoulders is anything but sexual, but it just might be the most romantic scene in the whole thing. It screams out two things: Geoffrey is the love of Oliver's life (and afterlife), and that Geoffrey is completely clueless. Geoffrey thinks of Oliver as a father figure, and Oliver thinks of Geoffrey as a lover, and one he can never have. It's very sad, very complex, and really, really beautiful. So while Geoffrey/Ellen is my OTP, the unrequited Geoffrey/Oliver is my favourite to watch. The relationship between the three of them is incredible. Oliver breaks my heart. *hugs Oliver tight*

Have I mentioned how much love I have for this show? Oh, yeah. Like, a lot, now I remember. :)

The tat doesn't go all the way around, just on the top and sides. I'm going to finish it by getting a chain-mail design connecting the two ends. The symbols are from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, which is my favourite story ever of any media--book, movie, television, etc. Here's a Link in English that tells more about it, but I think the German link has the German titles of the books. And woah, Amazon.de has the whole list! *g* The symbols are the word "unfound", which is carved into a door in one of the later books. I thought it was a beautiful symbol, and I love the DT so much I wanted the symbol as a tattoo.

The first line from the first book is "The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed." IMO it's the best first line ever written, because it sucks you in right away.

try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 07:07 (UTC) ()
Oh, and it goes without saying that my favourite character is Geoffrey. He's my favourite character in television, period.
sam80853 at 2006-10-20 08:32 (UTC) ()
Geoffrey/Ellen, period! I really can't picture Geoffrey with anyone else. No!

And regarding Oliver ... He was a bastard sleeping with Ellen and I'm with you that he didn't do it as some kind of a power play. He sabotaged Geoffrey and Ellen's love, knowing very well what he would do to Geoffrey.
Love is a cruel thing, Oliver learnt that the hard way and certainly felt guilty for it all his life.

The scene where he's massaging Geoffrey's shoulders is anything but sexual, but it just might be the most romantic scene in the whole thing. It screams out two things: Geoffrey is the love of Oliver's life (and afterlife), and that Geoffrey is completely clueless.
It's so true, it almost hurts!

(although I ship Geoffrey/Me in some fantasy AU)
You do that too, huh?

the_antichris at 2006-10-20 06:36 (UTC) ()
I'll be original and say due South.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 07:32 (UTC) ()
For quite a while I didn't have a favourite character. It kept shifting from Ray to Ray to Fraser and back. I never really gave it a whole lot of thought, because I loved them all. After I really sat and thought about it, it's obvious that it's Fraser, because I really identify with him. I keep saying he's my fake!twin, and he really is. Except for the trappings of uniform and profession and gender, he and I are so much alike it's uncanny (I'm not as brave or as pretty, of course. *g*). I'm very wordy, as evidenced by these comments, I'm really good at changing the subject to avoid talking about how I'm feeling--I tend to bottle emotions and only let them out with people I really, really trust. I'm also polite to a fault and I have a story for everything--I'm a vault of Useless Trivia.

I love Kowalski, though, his kinetic energy and quicksilver smile. He balances Fraser's methodical planning with sheer impulse, and that's good for Fraser, whether he likes it or not.

As for Vecchio, I adore him! He's the one I'd marry, if I had to pick one. He's a family man, warmhearted and sweet (although he'd never admit it). I love the relationship he has with his family. I just adore the Vecchios in general. I could write an essay on Frannie alone. Maybe I will, but not now, dammit. :)

I have such a crush on season 2 Thatcher. I hate what she became in S3. I think there was no need for it. But my t00by love carried me through all the nonsense. Besides, Camilla Scott? Is OMGSOHOT. I won't watch "Say Amen", though, if I can help it.

My ships, hmm. Well, my OTP is Fraser/Kowalski. I wonder if it wasn't love at first sight for them both, without either of them realising it at first. It certainly was after MOTB, and not because of the whole buddy-breathing thing (I really can't accept that Fraser was kissing Ray, because it was a complete emergency situation and it wouldn't be IC for Fraser), but because of the fight and all it brought up. Their differences are good for their partnership, personal and professional, and it almost tore them apart figuring it out. I don't think they really did until COTW, because it wasn't until then that Ray was free of feeling like a substitute for Ray Vecchio, which is something I think would really bother him. Yes, Fraser loves Ray V. okay, maybe just as much, but in an entirely different way. And I wonder if he still is a little peeved that Ray went off without letting him know. Wrongly so, maybe, but still. Fraser holds on to emotional baggage for a long time. *see first paragraph as to how I know this*

I think Ray V. is straight. I also think he had more than a little crush on Benny. Okay, it's a paradox, but it's my paradox and I'm sticking to it. He wouldn't even realise he had a crush at all, anyway. Mostly because he's straight. *g* Yep, circular logic, or something.

I also love Welsh and Turnbull and Elaine and Diefenbaker and Dead!Bob and Frobisher and...and...what's not to love about dS? Oh, yeah. Stella. I really don't like Stella much. She yanks Ray K around by the short hairs and treats him like shit. Why would I like her? Fraser doesn't like her. See? See?

Yep, there we have it. Another comment with waay too many words. ;)
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The dreamer is still asleep
inspiredlife at 2006-10-20 06:44 (UTC) ()
*seconds your go, Tigers!* You go for the Mets after the Sox? Hmmm.

And I'm boring but I want to know about HP.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 07:49 (UTC) ()
You go for the Mets after the Sox? Hmmm.

I've loved the Mets for years. I'm so over 1986 it isn't even funny. *g* The best thing about the Mets is that Mets fans hate the Yankees almost as much as Sox fans. We understand each other. Right now, the Mets have my Pedro Martinez, who is the w00biest w00bie in w00bieland and I heart him.

Harry Potter is NOT boring!

My favourite character is Draco. CANON Draco. Snivelling, conniving, bratty ultimately backhandedly noble Draco. When I think about how he must have been brought up, he was certainly as abused as Harry. Not physically, I'm not one of those people who thinks his father beat him or anything. But emotionally. He's a prime example of the South Pacific song You've Got to be Carefully Taught. Draco was taught very well. With all his haughty airs and cowardice, he's really a poor thing. I want to wrap my arms around him and take him home and feed him coookies and then adopt him. He'd hate me, but we'd get over that. :)

I also love Snape. He's the most complex of all of them, and he's almost, almost up there with Draco. Draco's my favourite because I get him. Snape's my other favourite because I don't, and I want to find out what makes him tick. Do I think he's evil? No. But I don't think he's "good", either. I don't know what he is.

My ship is Harry/Draco. Yeah, I know, it's not canon, but it could be. I think it's more Canon than Harry/Hermione or Ron/Luna ever would be. It even makes more sense than Remus/Tonks. They have a dynamic between them, two emotionally abused kids railing out at each other because they can't rail against who they really need to (in Draco's case, his father, and in Harry's, Voldemort). And Draco acts like a boy with a crush. If Harry were a girl, he'd be dipping her pigtails in magical inkwells. The Potter Stinks badges and all that teasing? Such crush behaviour.

I also ship Remus/Sirius, which to me is close enough to canon for there to be no difference. And Ron/Hermione. And Harry/Ron/Hermione, in some cases, because there's nobody that understands them but each other. They're my OT3. *g*

I'm not a Ginny fan, really, even though I'm glad she's grown a personality. I see no chemistry between Harry and her at all. I think that really, if Harry is to really really stay IC, at the end of the story (if he's still breathing that is, y'know?), he'll be alone, with Ron and Hermione including him in their circle. He's been through too much to really connect with Ginny, who, sure, has been through her own stuff, but nowhere near what Harry's experienced.

Thank you for asking this. HP is such a good story, complex and rich. I can't wait for book 7, and at the same time I dread it. *sigh*

The dreamer is still asleep
inspiredlife at 2006-10-20 17:56 (UTC) ()
For me, baseball is all about the Sox. I follow the Sox and keep an eye on the teams that affect them. I dan't have another team that I love so when it comes to the playoffs, I just support teams whose stories pull me in. Football, though. Oh, that's another story. ;)

HP is definitely not boring! I more meant predictable.

I have a very soft soft spot for canon Draco. I agree with you about the abuse angle (btw, that song is one of my favourites). In many ways he's just a young man, trying to please his father who's taught him everything he knows. He really is a poor thing and that's why I hold out hope for him. Crazy as my mates say I am.

And Snape is probably my favorite character. I love his complexity and passion. Like you, I have this overwhelming desire to understand him. He walks this fine line and I don't think he's evil at all. But, he's certainly not a good person either. I loved HBP so much, mainly for the glimpses of Snape it gave us.

I ship a number of pairings in HP but the one I love is Harry/Draco, mainly because I do think it could be canon. It makes sense to me. There are so many similarities between them - the pressures, the expectations, the upbringing (because could Draco really have been brought up in a loving home?). And, as they say, it's a thin line between love and hate.

As for Remus/Sirius and Ron/Hermione, they're canon as far as I'm concerned. I loved Harry/Ron/Hermione for the same reason as you. And Harry/Ron, as unrealistic as that is, for the same reason too.

I know you didn't ask for my thoughts back but here they are. It's hard to resist delving back into the HP world. ;)
scriggle at 2006-10-20 11:53 (UTC) ()
How about an old school fandom? Starsky & Hutch.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 16:54 (UTC) ()
Never saw a single episode, sorry. *ducks*
scriggle at 2006-10-21 23:42 (UTC) ()
Never? *boggles*

If you ever get the chance, it is so slashy. It's not sub-text; it's text.

Umm, here.
the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2006-10-20 13:17 (UTC) ()
I am sad, sad, sad that I cannot (yet) ask about CSI:. :P

I mean, c'mon. Pilot available for downloading and everything! :)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-10-20 16:55 (UTC) ()
Downloading today. I couldn't get past changing the hxxps last night. Too much for my brain. :)
the day you left was just my beginning
patchfire at 2006-10-20 16:57 (UTC) ()
Yay yay yay!
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