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he gets off on country music 'cause disco left him cold

If you're depressed or in a bad mood or just had a bad day, go here. You won't regret it.

Also? I've found Fraser's favourite radio station.

Go here and click on 'Inuvik'. I mean, really. They broadcast the weather in Inuktitut. And play hokey country songs. And have a spot featuring an Inuit woman storyteller talking about cooking moose and caribou over a fire and how her husband used to go hunting and trapping for days at a time.

A lot of this stuff is really interesting. Especially the storyteller. I LOVE storytelling. I'm kicking myself for yet again not going to the Johnnycake Storytelling Festival. But hey! I can go to this one.

And woah. There was this song contest where they played a song and asked the listeners to call in if they knew the artist and lyrics. It was 'Take It On The Run' by REO Speedwagon. I got it in one, but managed to talk myself out of calling Inuvik to win a cookbook. It would have been way cool, though. Okay, now I'm slapping myself for NOT calling.

You may want to know, also, that the ferries could close up at any moment. Y'know, in case you were on your way. Me, I'd stay home and listen to Inuit stories instead.

Also, inmemoriam, I posted the link to the picture you need in a comment somewhere, but I'm not sure where. If you want me to, I can post it again.

tea_and_snark I haven't forgotten you. Your music will be sent. :)

*reviews post*


*adds "beginning sentences with prepositions"* to my interests list*
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