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Crackfic: It's what's for dinner, aka, a rec! Also a request

isicolo has now put ideas in my head that simultaneously amuse and horrify me, and I'm still gonna rec Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way.

dueSouth meets A Prairie Home Companion crackfic, OMG. Even if you only have a casual acquaintance with either show (patchfire, this means YOU), go read it. It's short. Just don't eat or drink anything while reading.

The idea? An RCMP Home Companion. *headdesk*

On another, only peripherally related note, I need Italian music. If any of you have any, could you send some my way? I need ambiance if I'm ever going to finish my vecchiofest story. Sinatra is a plus. I have a bunch of Sinatra, but I could use more. Especially if you happen to have "Forget Domani", which I do NOT, and it's one of my favourites.

Please? It's for ART! :)

Now to go have dinner with my loffly daughter. After I get the laundry, that is. And figure out where my cellphone went to, because I'm gonna be late and I have to call her and, um. Bye!
Tags: crackfic, ds, fic rec, music
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