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political posturing now is the ultimate insult; it's too little too late, the rest is up for sale

Because I seem to rec crackfic all thetime:

Read this. Then read the sequel. So, so cracktastic. They're short, so go. Shoo.

Also, I had a song in my head last night but for the life of me I couldn't remember who recorded it. I first heard it about ten years ago on a cassette I'd bought in Cape Breton (I remember the tape was black, like every other tape I've ever bought in or from Canada.[/trivia]. It's about the collapse of Newfoundland's fishing industry and the fishing moratorium that was declared because of the huge reduction in numbers of cod. If you're interested in reading more about it (and I'm geeky enough to be interested), this sounds like a good book to get. It's on my wish list, but since I can get it used for 40 cents, I should just buy it.

Anyway, it's a beautiful, heartfelt song, and it was stuck in my head and I wanted to hear it again. I plugged the snippets of phrase I could remember into Google, and after literally hours of trying, finally found a download. So I figure I'd share, since it was such hard work getting it, and because it's gorgeous. It's amazing how every word of it came right back to me and I could sing along the first time (I tend to be dorky like that). It's music like this that are a huge part of the reason that I'm going to make it to Celtic Colours next year no matter what:

Pamela Morgan - It Ain't Funny

ETA to add tag because upon reread that second paragraph is one of the dorkiest I've ever read, let alone written. The fact that I'm ETAing about it is even worse.
Tags: fic rec, fileshare, i am a giant giant dork
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