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we don't declare the war on idleness when outside it's cold and shitty

Random bullet point post, because yay for learning something new in html! Wait 'til I tell croosa. :)

  • I was going to see Twelfth Night in Providence this evening, but my friend got sick and so now I'm not. *sigh* I've got my pretty dress on and everything.
  • This is a galaxy of wrong. *headdesk* You'd think a store specialising in "sacred" items would notice the problem. (link from dragonflymuse)
  • sharon28 makes pretty vids. You can find them through this post. I'm partial to "Everybody Hurts" and "Something Stupider" (because it's RayV and Sinatra, which go together like gnocchi and gravy).
  • Happy Belated birthday to Neil. I can't believe I forgot to mention this yesterday. Cry your pardon, sai Gaiman. *g*
  • Apparently a whole entourage will be going to see mr_t00by play Mackers. I'm not sure if he's happy about this or freaked out.
  • I've decided to definitely plan for Celtic Colours in 2007. Will I need a passport by then?
  • This is interesting. UC isn't for everyone, but this post is a good illustration for comparing homebirth to hospital, with or without a midwife.
  • I feel like writing, but I need to clean before I can do that, and I don't feel like cleaning. I should, though, before my house is condemned.
  • Chasing Rainbows is melodramatic, hokey, stereotyped, and overblown. In other words, it's a nighttime soap opera. I'm hopelessly addicted and utterly charmed nonetheless. may just be in danger of losing my heart to Booth Savage. At least the part that isn't already gone to the guy with the braces.
  • Tomorrow is Remembrance/Veterans/Armistice day. I feel like I should do something to commemorate it, but I don't know what. My father was in WWII and Korea. Suggestions?

In other news, malnpudl? I get it now. Oh. My.

In further other news,I now have pictorial proof (thanks to sam80853) that over forty and hot!female is anything but an oxymoron:

Tags: music, random, the hip, youtube

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