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try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

The corner of the ceiling in my bedroom is LEAKING. I had to move my bed, the corner of which is soaking wet, and I'll have to sleep in Hannah's room tonight. There is a pot and a towel down, but since it seems to be dripping everywhere and nowhere, I don't have any idea if it'll be enough. This is the same rain that followed my on my drive back from New Hampshire.

I'll post about the wonderfulness of mr_t00by's class production of The Scottish Play tomorrow. I don't feel like gushing because it's late and because MY ROOM IS LEAKING.

Instead, a meme. I did this last year, but there are more events listed, so I'll try to do different stuff this time.

Type your birthdate (no year) into Wikipedia. Post 3 events, 2 birthdays, and 1 death that happened on that date.

1817 - First Great Lakes steamer, the Frontenac, is launched. (that one's for peacey and her t00by love for the Lake Boats)

1989 - The Inuvialuit Final Agreement is signed in Canada to give the Inuit of western Canada the first comprehensive land claim agreement north of the 60th parallel. (that one's for Fraser. :) Wikipedia also linked "Canada" and "Western Canada" here, but I figured you could figure those out without links. *g*)

1989 - The Unknown Rebel halts the progress of a column of advancing tanks for over half an hour after the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.


1850 - Pat Garrett, American Western lawman. (d. 1908)
1971 - Susan Lynch, Northern Irish actress.


1999 - Mel Tormé, American singer ("The Velvet Fog"), composer, and actor. (b. 1925)

You can see all of the dates here.
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