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starflowers wrote me fic!

Do not blame her for the really strange premise. It was my idea, which wasn't even really my idea, because it was inspired by an old post from thefourthvine, wherein she lamented that due South seems to be the only fandom with Hockey AUs and that someone needs to rectify this and can you imagine Ron Weasley playing goalie? I actually like starflowers idea of Goyle playing goalie better because he's physically perfect for it.

Hockey Night at Hogwarts.

Standout lines:

Still, excitement was high among the students, who welcomed a chance to vent frustration as they waited for news from their families on the progress of the coming war and the loss of relatives in the preliminary efforts to stop Voldemort’s evil attempt to take over the world. A game which seemed to be a thinly veiled opportunity for bloodshed and violence in the name of sportsmanship seemed the perfect thing.


Seamus summed it up quite well when he said, “Well, look at it this way. Why do we always get the Hufflepuffs on our side? As far as bloodshed, violence, and hockey go, I’d rather someone on my side who doesn’t flinch, whimper, and hide at the first sign of danger. Why do the good guys always get the weak and pathetic on their side while the bad guys get the ones with Unforgivables and, like, guns and swords and stuff?”

and the best one: was a well-known fact that being at Hogwarts in his seventh year rather than dashing off to engage in battle frustrated Harry beyond belief. Unfortunately for him, his own plans of war had to be put aside. Mostly in the effort of plot, really.

I really would love to host a panfandom Hockey challenge, but don't know how to go about starting one. Can anyone who's done such a thing (fic challenges, that is), tell me how? Because, really, how cool would a hockey story be in, say, the Star Wars universe? Or maybe Hard Core Logo, or OMG, Slings & Arrows (I'd co-write this one if anyone wanted to take it on)? Any suggestions? Anyone want to co-mod such a thing? Deadline could be after the New year, so as not to interfere with yuletide or Seekrit Santa or any of the others. Whaddya think?

In other news, this (taken from here):

"There was a lot of wailing and crying about Chrétien saying, ‘don’t go into Iraq’ – and I happen to agree with him on that. It was an unnecessary engagement. All these people were saying ‘oh, no the Americans are going to hate us!’ Of course they’re going to say that they’re pissed off at us’ but it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean they're going to tear up trade agreements. They DO stuff with us. We’re interconnected. And we have a right to have our own opinion. We’re always trying to find that dividing line – and what I was kind of trying to say with H2O was that we have to watch it, because we live in the shadow of a gigantic power unlike the world has ever known. I would argue maybe even to rival Rome."


"I love that fact that the US media has been characterized as being lefty and anti-Bush, when I don’t see how he could have had an easier ride from the moment that he went into Iraq until very recently. Nobody was questioning if this was a good idea or not. And [Michael] Moore’s got a lot of young people engaged, so if even 10% of them go out and do something, that’s an accomplishment.”


"The corporate structure is not really particularly sympathetic. It’s not really a good symbiotic relationship – corporate structure and democratic structure. One, however, is vastly more efficient than the other. So it’s a logical solution that corporate structure would come to a certain extent to dominate how a democracy is executed."

Dear Paul Gross,

Please, please, marry me write a book on politics. I promise I'll read it and pimp it like crazy prevail upon others to do likewise.

I'll even buy the audiobook. Heck, It's entirely within the realm of plausibility that I might may get obtain that one first.


With sincere and heartfelt admiration, I remain,


P.S. I wouldn't be at all upset if one or more of the following terms were used contained therein: coup d’état, anarchic order, jurisprudence, asymmetrical federalism, primus inter pares, Electoral College, dictatorship of the proletariat, constitutional monarchy, new international economic order, Parti Québécois, proportional representation.

Honestly. Brain cells are SO the pheremones of geekdom.

Of course, the whole thing might be part of the suspected conspiracy mentioned in this post. I'm adding dragonflymuse to the list of people who shouldn't leave town. She, in fact, is more likely to be a co-conspirator than Willie Nelson, since she is Canadian and he is not. Of course, Willie could be using his American citizenship as a smokescreen. However, knowing Willie, it's probably another kind of smoke entirely. (OMG, see, patchfire? I told you I'd use the "weird willie nelson references" tag more than once)

Also, I am embarrassed to admit that I ate all of the chocolate cheesecake that tapped_trish sent home with me yesterday. I'm thinking PMS.

Now I have to restart Cuthbert because he's being weird and get off my arse or I'll be late for work.
Tags: conspiracy theories, epistolary, fic for me, hp, i am a giant giant dork, paul gross, politics, weird willie nelson references
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