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DT: come reap

there used to be a cookie factory in the west , and the west wind blew, we felt like we were blessed

Posted on 2006.02.12 at 03:15
where am I: on the second floor so I can't play it loud, dammit
How I feel about it all: busywe'll survive on paradoxes
Soundtrack: The Hip - N.O.is Sinking (westwind/cookie factory version)
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malnpudl, have you seen this? I don't know how recent it is It's from 22 Oct. of this year.

Also, is there an mp3 version of the westwind/cookie factory live version of "New Orleans is Sinking"? I want to put it on my iPod so I can listen to it without having to play the video (not that the video isn't omggorgeous or anything). *repeat loops video*


malnpudl at 2006-12-02 18:33 (UTC) ()
Thank you SO MUCH for that vid link! I'd heard about that interview, but hadn't found it yet. That was fascinating.

I don't know about an .mp3 version of that one; I wish I knew how to do that sort of thing, because it'd be great to have.

malnpudl at 2006-12-02 18:37 (UTC) ()
Afterthought: Do you and theamusedone have each other friended? He's a wonderful source of Things Hip and I think he may be able to do that sort of thing.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-12-02 23:52 (UTC) ()
No, we don't! *runs off to friend*
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2006-12-02 23:59 (UTC) ()
Yay, all that post-work CBC surfing pays off. *wins*

I don't even know how to download them. I used to, but I forgot and lost the link. *mainlines Adderall*
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