try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

I wish I grew annapolis apples up above fundy 's bay

  • LJ is apparently a big sucking thing and isn't giving me my comment messages. Woe.

  • OMG, I actually have energy today! I've got my kitchen floor half-washed (it's a long process, take my word for it)! I should get some actual work done today, and then have time to finish my fic. Of course, sometime in this I have to drive to New Hampshire, but eh. I've got my iPod, and therefore am INVINCIBLE.

  • Hey, malnpudl, look at what I did! I am a TECCHIE GENIUS!!!

    The Tragically Hip - New Orleans is Sinking (westwind/cookie factory)(live, 5 June, 1995, PinkPop Festival,Landgraaf, The Netherlands)

    I managed to dl the video and convert to mp3. I so rock. If you want to do something about the eight seconds of space at the beginning, knock yourself out. I tried, but it wasn't working, so I can't really be arsed. *g* This is especially cool to me because I couldn't find an audio recording of it anywhere and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Yay, me!

  • Dear mouth_fetish,

    What's the use of existing if you're gonna be so boring? Boring, boring, sitting-through-a-three-hour-lecture-on-dryer-lint boring. Besides, I'm SO not into piercings and nonexistent pics of high school girls trying to look all pouty and people who like dirty teeth (I mean, really, ewww.)

    They do, however, get a couple of points for this pic of Billy Corgan. Points taken away for the lack of proper punctuation in description, alas.

    And anyway, it's not about crooked teeth, wtf? Teethwise, it's the gap that matters, and the placement thereof in the rest of the design. These people are obviously misguided.

    Apparently I'm not alone in my opinion, since there's been no activity since April of 2005.
    Sorry, guys, not joining. I'll have to seek other sources for my mouth kink artistic appreciation. It's much more interesting over at pg_daily, anyway.

  • I still don't have my cellphone. mr_t00by needs to IM me liek now. He's been staying at a haunted house, so he'd better get in touch or he'll be stranded in NH FOREVER BWAHAHAHAAAH. ETA: aaaand he's still alive! He's coming home maybe Monday, maybe, and quelle surprise! He's got a girlfriend.

  • My chart isn't going to be accurate, because half the songs don't even register. I get "not currently listening" a lot, when hello, I am. wtf? It's registering one Gordon Lightfoot song, but not another one. Silly, silly

  • All my big gifts for the kids are ordered. I still have more to do that actually involve leaving the house and hitting the Evil Palace of Materialism. I am not looking forward to this. At. All.

  • Dear David Keeley,

    Please stop being in plays for a while and get a band and tour, like in Amerika. I'll quit my job and become your fulltime roadie and have your babies. You are SO the love child of Chris Isaak and Marty Robbins, with a dash of Jay and the Americans thrown in for spice. These are all GOOD things.

    Just hold off on the dorky videos, k?


    Yr Fan

  • Here, have a lovely Rhode Island Christmas Carol:

    Ocean State Follies - When It Snows

  • And here's another cheery holiday tune:

    Gordon Lightfoot - Circle of Steel

  • Okay, back to work, then writing. Although it's taken an inordinately long time to code all this, when I could have been WORKING. And, oh, look! NOW I get my messages. Silly, Silly LJ. I'd boycott paying for it if I didn't have a PERMANENT ACCOUNT. Pfft.
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