try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

the songs that you have left for us grow truer by the day; it's almost like you never went away

Look what dragonflymuse sent me!!!

Thank you, dear, I love it all. I'll wear the earrings to work and be all festive and stuff.

Of course I opened the calendar, because I couldn't wait to look at the pretty pictures. *hugs*

Also, why have I never heard this before? I mean, it's not that I've never heard Bruce Guthro before, but apparently I haven't listened to him enough. This is the kind of discovery that makes obsessives out of casual listeners:

Bruce Guthro - Stan's Tune

It's such a beautiful, emotional, melancholy song, and it breaks my heart, but I can't stop listening. I'm on like repeat x 10 or something. I hear things like this and I want to rant and rail and stomp my feet at the injustices of life.

What a gorgeous tribute. I've been in a bit of a Stan phase recently, and gah, that shivery fiddle just reaches in and grabs me.

So, yeah. *wibble*

In other also related news, I'm thinking sort of seriously about going here this summer. I'd love some company. *g* And yes, I'm still planning on going here in October, because I am greedy like that.

Then again, I could just save my money and take the one trip in the fall. I hate not being independently wealthy.
Tags: celtic colours, christmas 2007, stanfest
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