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Okay, so I wasn't entirely happy with the results of the meme in my last post, so I modified the code a bit. Because I can, an' all:

Book-toting Braniac Drama Geek

You like 'em smart, pretty, geeky, and did I mention smart? A nice face without a decent brain isn't worth a first look, let alone a second.
Your guy was probably president of his high school drama club four years running, as well as a member of the debating team, newspaper staff, model UN, and astronomy club. He never goes anywhere without a book, which could be anything from Winston Churchill to Stephen King. On top of it all, he's got a whipcrack sarcastic wit that matches yours, and he isn't afraid to use it. He's intense and passionate about what interests him, and if one of those things is you, you're in for quite an experience.

Of course, knowing your past history, he's probably gay.

Who Are You Attracted To?

That's a pretty good description of what my ideal was in high school. Not much has changed since then, except I'm not sure people like that even exist anymore. *heavy sigh*

I took out the link to the quiz website because I'm not sure if there's spyware involved (topaz7 got a warning the first time she tried, but not the second). If you have an antispyware program installed, Go for it, man. The link's still up on my last post.
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